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We collaborate as a team to provide quality customer service and creative financing options that meet our clients’ needs. Our devoted team works round-the-clock to deliver fast results.
Freedom Capital was founded in 2010. Today, we operate as one of the largest National brokerages solely dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market in Canada. Our team of specialists have combined experience of over 35 years in the mortgage lending industry. Over the years, working in the industry we have seen banks and all other government regulated financial institutions eliminate programs and tighten their approval process. Freedom Capital recognized the need for alternative financing -for those individuals that require more diverse financial options.

Funded Mortgages

short term land financing

Short Term Land Financing

$7 Million Land Loan funded for a repeat developer client. Client had an assignment in place and required short-term loan to complete on the purchase.

Mortgage Amount : $7,000,000.00

Financing for a Future Development Site

Clients were struggling to obtain an approval on their purchase of a future development site. Freedom Capital was able to obtain sufficient funds of $6.8M so they could complete and have payments covered for one year.

Mortgage Amount : $6,800,000.00
land financing for 46 storey building

Land Financing for 46 Storey Building

Clients was looking to invest into their next big project. We were able to obtain land purchase financing for a City approved two tower 46 Storey high rise mixed used commercial/residential building located in the downtown core. We were able to use the client reputation and experience to easily approve them within a short closing period without a mountain of documentation.

financing for high-rise development site

Financing for High Rise Development Site

$15.2 Million land loan approved for a future high rise development site. Client required additional funds to buy more time securing a strong joint venture partner for his $135 Million project.

multi-family development project financing

Multi-Family Development Project Financing

Client was seeking a equity take loan for a future 6 phase multi-family development project.   They needed funds pay rezoning costs, development fees and build a show home.   This extra funding would allow them to get to the next stage of development and start the pre-selling process and take advantage of the hot market.

land assembly purchase for future development

Land Assembly Purchase for Future Development

Land assembly purchase for future development. Even though the property is located in a seconday markert we were still able to obtained competitive pricing and fully term to allow client to refinace with a construction loan.

Mortgage Amount : $780,000.00
future townhouse development financing

Future Townhouse Development Financing

Land assembly purchase in Kelowna for future townhouse development. Obtained competitive pricing and fully open mortgage to allow the client to refinance with a construction mortgage once City Approval in place.

Mortgage Amount : $1,121,000.00
land financing for duplex

Land Financing for Duplex

Side by Side duplex purchased for re-development potential. We were able to obtain a fully open term and our lender was able to hold the funds for a month as the two property had different closing dates.

Mortgage Amount : $903,000 and $900,000
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