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High-Rise Construction Financing

We arranged a $ 178M Construction Facility Loan to build a 46 Storey Residential/Commercial Tower. We were able to obtain 90% loan to cost. Funded within 1 month after approval. At competitive rates!

Mortgage Amount : $178,500,000.00
alr land financing

Rush closing of $4.5M

Rush closing of $4.5M loan obtained in 5 business days! Bank was not able to close on time during busy market. We obtained a high loan-to-value mortgage for a development land purchase.

Mortgage Amount : $ 4,500,000.00
single family home construction financing

Financing for Lucrative Land Project

Yes, we refer business to our realtor partners. We had an existing client that we recently finished a purchase on a lucrative land project. His exit was always to sell the project once the project received 4th reading. The client reached out to us and ask if we had any trusted realtor partners that could help him sell this site. We reached out to all our realtor partners and got our client’s property sold. Not only did we collect commissions for the new purchase with the new buyer, we worked as a partnership with a local realtor and they collected commission.

Finance for a Fast Growing Subdivision in South Surrey

Finance for a Fast Growing Subdivision

Client was looking to build a large high end home and was short of construction funds.   He needed to finish and flip as he had upcoming projects that needed equity.   Due to the shortage in trades and higher cost of materials, we were able to obtain more funds to finish the construction and get funds for the next project.

Mortgage Amount : $ 1,700,000.00
loan approval within 5 hours

Same Day Subject Removals? No Problem!

Approved within 5 hours! Local Broker sent their file to Freedom Capital requiring an approval for same day subject removal. Freedom Capital was able to provide the clients with an approval so they can remove subjects on time.

single family home construction financing

Financing to Single Family Home Construction

Freedom Capital obtained sufficient funds for a 1st mortgage financing to complete the purchase & construction of a new single family home construction.

Mortgage Amount : $ 1,250,000.00
financing for increasing property value

Finance to Increase Property Values

Repeat clients looking to take advantage of the increase in property values. We were able to provide them with a $600K equity take-out so they could build additional space in order to generate rental income and further increase the property value.

Mortgage Amount : $ 1,700,000.00
refinancing for investment property

Refinance of an Investment Property

Refinance of an investment property in order to remove a family member from title. The client’s current financial institution would not approve the change. Freedom Capital not only obtained an ultra quick approval but at a very competitive rate.

Mortgage Amount : $ 485,000.00
financing for investment property

Bank Said No to Second Home!

Clients required financing for their purchase of an investment property for future single-family construction. They did not income qualify with the banks. Freedom Capital was able to obtain competitive terms and a quick approval.

Mortgage Amount : $108,800.00
high end luxury home financing

High End Luxury Home Financing

$5.5 Million high end luxury home financing. Client was looking for a new lender that would offer better renewal terms. Freedom Capital secured a lender with hassle free renewals with a minimal flat renewal fee.

Mortgage Amount : $5,000,000.00
Retained Home Ownership After Foreclosure!

Retained Home Ownership After Foreclosure!

Client lost home in foreclosure. We were able to provide a new mortgage with the proceeds from the foreclosure. Client did not want to lose hope in home ownership and was willing to downsize to minimize monthly obligations and ensure he did not end up in foreclosure again. We were able to obtain a competitive low rate with a portion of the payments to paydown the principal. Client was very happy to start over with only one affordable monthly payment.

Mortgage Amount : $ 530,000.00
permanent residence financing in canada

New to Canada!

Permanent Residents did not have established credit and just started working in Canada.  Their young family need a home and we were able to assist to meet some of their dreams of owning a home in Canada.

Mortgage Amount : $ 390,000.00
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