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high end luxury home financing

Refinance for High End Luxury Home with Competitive Rates

$5.5 Million high end luxury home financing. Client was looking for a new lender that would offer better renewal terms. Freedom Capital secured a lender with hassle free renewals with a minimal flat renewal fee.

Mortgage Amount : $5,000,000.00
new to canada!

Financing for Clients New to Canada!

Permanent Residents did not have established credit and just started working in Canada.  Their young family need a home and we were able to assist to meet some of their dreams of owning a home in Canada.

Mortgage Amount : $390,000.00
buying out ex-spouse

Refinance without Ex-Spouse and Settled Separation Agreement

Client was separating and wanted to keep the property. There was enough equity in the property that she could use towards buying out her ex. She had excellent income but did not qualify as not all of her sources of income would be accepted by the banks/credit unions. Six months after – we converted this file into A lender as the client filed taxes and income qualified.


Mortgage Amount : $535,000.00
land assembly purchase for future development

Purchase Financing for Land Assembly for Future Development

Land assembly purchase for future development. Even though the property is located in a secondary market we were still able to obtained competitive pricing and fully term to allow client to refinance with a construction loan.

Mortgage Amount : $780,000.00
foreclosure rescue

Debt Consolidate that Saved the Client’s Equity

Debt consolidation loan at 80% loan-to-value! Freedom Capital was able to provide a new 2nd mortgage to payoff consumer proposal debt, a high-rate current 2nd mortgage and car loan. With the new lower interest rate and by combining all debts, the new monthly payment was lower and more manageable to help the clients rebuild their credit and save money.

Mortgage Amount : $101,000.00
2nd Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue While Client Sold their Home

Foreclosure Rescue While Client Sold their Home

Our client reached out to us last year to help save him from a foreclosure. As it was a 1 year term for the mortgage, he was planning to sell the home before the term expires. But when he listed, the market took a hit. By the time renewal came up, the lender could not renew the current mortgage. What did we do? We worked with our closest lenders and refinanced the mortgage until the market makes a come back.

Timing is everything, let us help you realize your homes potential and keep your money in your pocket.

Mortgage Amount : $450,000.00
renewal for a foreclosure rescue

Refinance to Keep Client Out of Foreclosure

Existing Client was up for renewal for a foreclosure rescue. Clients made their payments on time and reestablished their payment history. Freedom Capital took advantage of the low rates and save her $ 900.00 per month!

Mortgage Amount : $660,000.00
retained home ownership after foreclosure!

Refinance While Retained Home Ownership After Foreclosure!

Client lost home in foreclosure. We were able to provide a new mortgage with the proceeds from the foreclosure. Client did not want to lose hope in home ownership and was willing to downsize to minimize monthly obligations and ensure he did not end up in foreclosure again. We were able to obtain a competitive low rate with a portion of the payments to paydown the principal. Client was very happy to start over with only one affordable monthly payment.

Mortgage Amount : $530,000.00
Foreclosure Development Rescue to Keep Project Going

Foreclosure Development Rescue to Keep Project Going

Our client’s existing mortgage holder demanded funds when their term was up. The client was hoping to refinance to a construction development mortgage, but the city was delayed. We worked with them to help move their project along with soft costs and then 6 months later, took advantage of the rising land value and help them pay off all mortgages, clear arrears and get enough funds to finish rezoning. Next step – construction. We see the equity you put into your projects, and we help you realize those gains.

Mortgage Amount : $380,000.00
1 year no payments!

Mortgage to help Foreclosure with 1 Year No Payments!

Another Foreclosure Rescue! Client was in foreclosure on his high-end home with the 2nd mortgage holder. Freedom Capital was able to refinance only the 2nd mortgage to save on costs and provide additional funds to cover payments for a year.

Mortgage Amount : $1,220,000.00
high LTV on rescue

High LTV on Foreclosure Rescue

80% loan-to-value for foreclosure rescue on a high end condo. Due to our exclusive relationship with our lenders. Freedom Capital was able to negotiate an 80% loan to value to help the clients buy time and list their property.

Mortgage Amount : $1,930,000.00
foreclosure rescue for commercial property

Foreclosure Rescue for 3 Storey Commercial Property

Clients existing private lender required mortgage funds back, clients were struggling to find a new lender as their property was a unique mixed-use commercial property requiring upgrades. Freedom Capital was able to replace the mortgage and save the clients from heading into foreclosure.

Mortgage Amount : $300,000.00
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