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Are you looking for Bridge Financing that can fund your needs?

If these scenarios apply to your situation, Freedom Capital is here to help! With our custom mortgage solutions, our financial experts ensure the borrower gets the solution they need.


Bridge financing or Commercial bridge Financing acts as fast interim funding. It facilitates the purchase or construction of commercial real estate without forcing you to sell your property. Some borrowers opt for a bridge loan in Canada when they need the flexibility to decide about the future of an asset (i.e. contemplating a sale, impending change in ownership structure or operational planning) or time to coordinate a standard financing option.


Bridge Financing

Instant Approvals

At Freedom Capital, we are committed to providing our clients with seamless approvals. Our expert team ensures you have easy application procedures and simple terms. With a Freedom Capital mortgage, you can get approved for your bridge loan in as little as 24 hours*!

Bridge Financing Canada

Obtain Higher Loan to Value than the Banks

In today’s day and age, banks are unable to provide borrowers with the unique mortgage solutions they need. Their traditional loans and tedious approvals have driven borrowers to private financing. Freedom Capital’s ideal loan terms and unique mortgage solutions are what makes us a more attractive lender capable of meeting your requirements.

Bridge Financing Mortgage

Common Sense Lending

At Freedom Capital, we prioritize our client’s needs. With a common-sense lending approach, we ensure every borrower obtains a mortgage that suits their needs. Whether it be a second mortgage, construction loans, land financing, or bridge loans in Canada, Freedom Capital is a one-stop-shop that can cater to all your needs.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for Bridge Financing?

Choosing the RIGHT lender is important because banks, credit unions and “traditional lenders” can’t cut it for the average borrower!
At Freedom Capital borrowers get the unique mortgage solutions they wouldn’t find elsewhere. We do not discriminate against clients facing a hard life situation and try to deal with every type of consumer. Whether it be new immigrants, self-employed individuals, individuals facing debt and due bills or any other client, our network of lenders and determined team are ready to help.
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At Freedom Capital, our experts are available round-the-clock to help you with your unique financing requirements. We look at every request individually and assess your options and work on getting you approved within no time.
If you are looking for a bridge loan that has reasonable terms and a quick application process then Freedom Capital should be your go-to. When it comes to banks their requirements are usually as follows:
Meeting these requirements can be very hard. At Freedom Capital, we look at your bridge mortgage request with a common-sense approach and place easy-to-meet requirements.
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