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Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt!

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Are you looking for an option to lower your Monthly Payment outside the conventional lending box? Are you looking for help with:

Do these scenarios sound familiar? If so, Freedom Capital is here to help. With determined financial experts and custom-tailored solutions for borrowers, we provide our clients with the quick and easy approvals they need.

What is Debt Consolidation?

It is a financial tool that helps you simplify your credit situation to a point where you only have to worry about paying one debt each month. With debt consolidation in Canada, you can
At Freedom Capital, our lending specialists help you consolidate your multifaceted high-interest debts into one single payment to get you out of debt faster. Combining two or more debts into one payment results in lower payment amounts and reduces your financial and mental strain.


Debt Consolidation

Get the Right Solution

Choosing the right option makes sense if you are looking to avoid wasting your time, money and efforts when getting out of debt. Debt consolidation is a great option if your debt situation is serious and stressful. Tip: Credit Cards have daily compounding interest while in a debt consolidation mortgage the interest is compounded monthly. Save some money on interest!

Debt Consolidation Financial Goal


If you expect to make large purchases such as a home or car in the future, you need to have a good credit score. A good monthly debt reduction strategy will improve your credit standing. At Freedom Capital, we help you meet your financial goals and targets while considering your financial situation in the present and future.

Debt Consolidation Payoff


High Debt is a circumstance that can happen to anyone. Alongside negatively impacting your financial status and credit score, debt also gives you mental and emotional stress. With Freedom Capital’s debt consolidation services, you can

  • shorten your debt journey
  • have a stress-free life
  • carve a path to financial freedom
All while using our ultra-quick closing financing options.

How is Freedom Capital’s Debt Consolidation Mortgages Different?

Here at Freedom Capital, we have a network of lenders who understand evolving financial dynamics of individuals and help them get out of financial stress. They are ready to immediately fund your deals, regardless of how complex they may be.
Individuals or businesses who previously sought out banks, credit unions and federal owned regulators for secured and unsecured mortgages now have an alternative option to pay off their debts. With flexible terms of payment and interest rates, Freedom Capital will analyze your financial situation and provide you with a suitable lender.
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A debt-free journey begins with wise financial decisions. With the right financial help, you can save your time and money while paving the path to a debt-free journey. Freedom Capital can be your financial lifeline and help you choose a solid financing program with ideal mortgage terms.
Studies have revealed that people often forget about their compounding monthly due payments, which negatively impacts their financial status and credit score.
By consolidating all debts to a single monthly payment, you can simplify your credit situation and focus on what matters. At Freedom Capital, our primary focus is to help reduce your financial anxieties and problems by making lending arrangements on your behalf to improve and restore your credit with debt consolidation mortgages.
Debt settlement is a process whereby third-party companies negotiate a settlement or deal with the creditor to reduce a borrower’s debt which can negatively impact your credit score. Debt consolidation, on the other hand, helps you pay off any and all liabilities instantaneously and is an ideal alternative for borrowers with various obligations and improves your credit score.
We help hundreds of people reduce their high interest consumer debts. As long as you own real estate and have the required equity, we can help reduce those high monthly obligations into one low manageable payment.
Yes! We simply look at equity. As long as you have the required equity, Freedom Capital can get you a debt consolidation mortgage. We will put you in an open mortgage term so you can sell or refinance with your local bank when you’re ready. With Freedom Capital, you can swiftly consolidate your debt in Canada.
Debt consolidation loans will eventually positively impact your credit report by paying off high-interest debt and improving your payment history.
At Freedom Capital DO the deals that the banks DO NOT do. If your debt consolidation application was rejected by the banks, we can most certainly help!

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