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Are you looking for Land Financing?

Do these scenarios sound familiar? If so, Freedom Capital can help! At Freedom Capital, we meet our borrower’s requirements with custom-tailored land mortgages across Canada. Our expertise ensures you get the mortgage you need!

What is Land Financing?

Land financing is used to purchase a plot of land. The type of financing varies on where you buy the land and how you intend to use the land. The three most common types of mortgages for land are unzoned land mortgages, rezoned land mortgages and land and construction mortgages. These mortgages can be acquired to purchase or refinance land parcels. You can refinance land parcels for servicing and/or development activities, equity take-out and blend your monthly payment.


Land Loan Approval

Quick and Easy Approval Process

Can you get a mortgage for land with quick approvals, relatively less paperwork and simple terms? If you are working with Freedom Capital, the answer is yes! We are a national mortgage brokerage dedicated to providing borrowers with the alternative and commercial financing they need. At Freedom Capital, you can get your land mortgage approve in as little as 24 hours*. Whether you need a mortgage for vacant, unzoned, rezoned or improved land, Freedom Capital can help.

Land Financing Mortgage

Obtain Higher Loan to Value Mortgages than the Banks

New lending rules and current trends in the mortgage market are making it increasingly hard for borrowers to obtain conventional land financing. At Freedom Capital, we provide a higher loan to value than banks*. We also offer land lift options when you go through the rezoning process.

Land Financing Options

Common Sense Lending

Freedom Capital is known for its common-sense lending approach. Our unique lending options and prominent position in the market has made us the ideal choice for any borrower. We deliver immediate funds to our clients with progressive solutions, flexible underwriting and common-sense lending. Our unique model makes Freedom Capital the mortgage provider you need.

Types of Land Mortgage Financing:

Freedom Capital is a recognized name in the private financing industry in Canada. We deliver fast, easy and instant access to money even to the most challenging cases. Over the years, we have been helping individuals and real-estate developers acquire land financing with easy repayment terms and schedules. If you are looking to acquire land financing, the first step is to understand the type of land and mortgage you need.

Lot or Raw Land Financing

A ‘Lot’ is a land that is semi-developed and loaded with basic utilities; sewer, roads, water, electricity.

Raw land is a plot of land in its most natural state. It is an undeveloped and uncultivated plot with no manmade improvements. Getting a raw land mortgage can take longer than others due to the documentation required for land improvements.

At Freedom Capital, we value our client’s time, money and energy and strive to provide you with simple terms of payment and instant access to the money you need.

Land and Construction Financing

These mortgages are acquired for the construction of a building/project on the mortgaged land. Freedom Capital understands that construction financing is used to take your ideas and make them a reality. We grant instant land and construction financing to those who are looking for solutions and surprising tailor-made options.


We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money

Why Choose Freedom Capital for Land Financing

At Freedom Capital, we have regularly helped individuals acquire a piece of land with financing to go through the rezoning process. We take pride in achieving these goals and helping our borrowers obtain high yields and profits on these land acquisitions.
In today’s conventional banking market, it has become practically impossible for you to get your land-only mortgages approved. The bank’s land mortgage calculators consider land only financing very risky due to the lack of added security that comes with a property.
We understand that acquiring a mortgage for a piece of land is an extremely viable and very profitable option for individuals and developers. Look to Freedom Capital to help with your acquisition with ease. Freedom Capital also specializes in moving the client through the rezoning process and acquiring the financing you may require during this process. Once you are ready to build, we have lenders ready to lend! We are here to help you be profitable and provide options for your mortgage financing at any stage.
You can get a mortgage for land in Canada for a variety of purposes. If you are looking to
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At Freedom Capital, we cater to emergency land financing and provide fast and easy access to money that immediately solves your land acquisition issues.
Our transparent and easy application approval process bears testimony to the fact we have experience in land financing and can offer options to our clients.
At its core, Freedom Capital is a mortgage brokerage looking to ease and comfort borrowers facing financing situations. We take price by not surprising our clients with hidden fees and believe in full transparency when completing a mortgage transaction.
We make quick lending arrangements from our extensive network of lenders to fund land financing deals immediately and that’s what makes us unique and stand apart in the industry.

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At Freedom Capital, we cater to a long list of clients across Canada. We believe everyone deserves the financing they need. Whether it be

  • Agricultural land 
  • Recreational land
  • Lot or raw land
  • Vacant land 
  • Single Family Lots
  • Multi-Family Lots
  • Or any other type of land 

Freedom Capital can provide you with the land financing you need. 

Individuals, builders, developers and investors aiming to get fast and easy access to money for purchasing or funding their land purchase or land refinance.
We have an extensive network of lenders who are always ready to fund even the most challenging deals. Whether it be small mortgages or multi-million deals, Freedom Capital can provide you with the financing you need.
This is our speciality. We can provide flexible options on ‘land only’ financing. Once you have successfully rezoned the land, you have then gained substantial equity with an increase in value. If required, we can then furthermore provide servicing and construction loan options.

Freedom Capital provides Land Financing in several cities and provinces in Canada. The list include:

  1. Land Financing in Alberta
  2. Land Financing in Ontario
  3. Land Mortgage Toronto
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