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Are you looking for Alternative Commercial Financing that conventional lenders can’t provide?

If you can relate to these scenarios, you've come to the right place! With Freedom Capital, our borrowers receive custom-tailored commercial mortgage solutions and quick approvals.

What is Commercial Financing?

Commercial financing services includes financing services for commercial/apartment/ industrial buildings, motels and hotels, mix-use buildings, shopping centers and plazas, storage facilities, condo conversion projects, townhouse financing, inventory mortgages, land and construction financing.
In the area of commercial mortgages, we at Freedom Capital have a vast and impressive record of dealing with more than 200 alternative and institutional lenders. Our list of commercial mortgage lenders ranges from life insurance companies, credit unions, banks and trust companies, private investors, and pension funds. We have the solutions to provide a wide selection of products, from conventional lending to private commercial finances.


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Expert in their Field

At Freedom Capital, we have the reputation to look at the whole financial situation . Freedom Capital will explain the benefits, as well as the risks that are involved. Freedom Capital will go out of their way to facilitate and find the best and advantageous deal for you. We can provide personalized service and advise based on your needs. Freedom Capital offers a wide range of flexibility as well as different type of mortgage offerings. We can offer no limit financing and have no restriction on how many projects you are working on.

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Quick and Easy Approval Process

At Freedom Capital, we have the reputation to look at the whole financial situation. We are a private alternative mortgage brokerage firm where you can expect to acquire a mortgage with simple terms and relatively less paperwork. We are committed to provide easy and quick financing in as little as 24 hours*.

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Common Sense Lending

Our focused, common sense lending has made Freedom Capital an ideal choice for private/alternative mortgages. Due to our prominent position in the market, borrowers prefer us over conventional banks. In times of today, a bank can takes weeks or even months to get your mortgages approved. We deliver new and progressive mortgage solution with flexible yet common-sense underwriting that is easily understandable for borrowers.


After you decide to apply for a secured real estate financing by your dependable Commercial financing services provider, the next important step is to determine the options you have to utilize your mortgage prudently and profitably.

Land and Subdivision Financing

The lucrative opportunity of acquiring a piece of land or developing an owned piece of property is possible with the help of your commercial financing. Majority of the conventional banks and credit unions do not offer the option of land financing to their borrowers till this day. It is only in those cases where all the approvals are made and the zoning has been made.
If you go to a traditional lender for land financing, you might find it very difficult to obtain your mortgage.
Freedom Capital is one such mortgage solution provider that provides the offering of commercial financing for land only deals before the land is rezoned. We are highly specialized and skilled in providing finances for residential subdivision, industrial and commercial land assembly, unzoned and zoned land, and much more.
With our network of professional commercial lenders, we are dedicated towards providing a wide range of attractive and profitable land financing options to our valued clients. We have specifically made the terms of our land only mortgages flexible and reasonable.

Construction Financing

Another option to sensibly utilize your commercial financing is using it for your construction financing needs. If you own a property, it is a good and profitable idea to have it developed. With your mortgage utilized for the construction on your property, the value of your estate can be immensely increased.
Construction financing are short-term mortgage utilized for financing the construction of a real estate project. Also called a self-build mortgage, construction financing is normally chosen by home buyers or builders who are planning on building a personalized and custom-built house.
Not only does Freedom Capital provide the finance for land, but also the construction to take place on that piece of land. Your commercial financing can be put to good and profitable use. Freedom Capital is proud to say that they have financed quite a number of construction projects.

High Rise Financing

Here is another lucrative option you have with your commercial financing. Your commercial mortgage can be spent on constructing a high rise flat or building in a populated location. This requires quite a huge amount of finances. Who’s better than your trustworthy mortgage solution provider at Freedom Capital to approve your commercial financing.

Ask your dependable and faithful multi-million-dollar commercial financing solution provider to help you determine which is the right option for you. Freedom Capital is all about making the entire mortgage and its approval process seamless for their clients. Their reputation and status are well known for being one of the biggest and largest mortgage providers in Canada.


We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money

How can Freedom Capital help you with your mortgage options?

Freedom Capital was founded in 2010. Today, we operate as one of the largest national brokerages solely dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market in Canada. Our team of specialists have 35 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry.
At Freedom Capital, we provide our borrowers with reliable alternative and commercial financing. With a knowledgeable team, common-sense lending, and a drive to help our clients succeed, Freedom Capital looks to provide a suitable commercial mortgage for our clients.
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In the area of commercial mortgages, we at Freedom Capital have a vast and impressive record of dealing with alternative and institutional lenders. Our list of lenders ranges from life insurance companies, credit unions, banks and trust companies, private investors and pension funds. We have the solutions to provide a wide selection of products, from conventional lending to private commercial finances.
Our focused, common sense lending has made Freedom Capital an ideal choice for private/alternative mortgages. Due to our prominent position in the market, borrowers prefer us over conventional banks. In times of today, a bank can takes weeks or even months to get your mortgage approved. Our client gets access to their required funds when they need them.

We offer our professional services to our clients and are more than happy to serve them whenever they need us.

Our experienced brokers with their vast knowledge and expertise will make you feel fully satisfied that you are in good hands.

Our topmost priority is to provide personalized and fast financing solutions to our clients. We take pride in the fact that we take on rush deals and process our mortgages within the given timeframe. There are few mortgage solution providers out there who provide the option of dealing with rush deals.


Banks approve commercial mortgages based on two major factors:

1: Your credit score.

2: Your net income.  


If your credit score is below 680 and your income is not high enough to service your mortgage and other credit facilities, you will NOT get approved for a commercial mortgage in Canada. 


At Freedom Capital, you are not a ‘number’ to us!  We use a common-sense approach while approving your mortgage. No red tape, no waiting for weeks. We simply require the equity and will provide you with a viable, no-obligation option with minimal documentation.

Let’s compare apples to apples.  If you were declined from the bank, then NO, private commercial mortgages are not more expensive. We work hard to get the best possible terms in the market and provide you with the solutions that you need. 


Since these mortgages are riskier for lenders, they have higher interest rates. However, at Freedom Capital, we don’t get paid on rate, we obtain terms that make sense for our borrowers.


If you are looking for the best rate and you have a good income and strong credit, we strongly recommend you contact your local bank and see if you can get approved for commercial financing.  However, if for any reason you get declined, we may be able to help!


We are a solutions provider and take pride in providing viable options for your commercial mortgage. If you were not approved by your local bank, Freedom Capital can help get you some options to get you started in the real estate industry. 

Private commercial financing gives you a backup plan. When the banks are taking too long to approve your mortgage for whatever reason, we can have our commercial mortgage lenders in Canada review your application. Whether it be bad credit, low income, new to Canada or any other reason, we can help with an alternative solution for your commercial needs. 

This is what Freedom Capital’s whole philosophy is based on. We DO the deals that the banks DO NOT do.

Commercial mortgage payment options can vary from residential mortgage payment options depending on various factors. Their fixed terms and interest rates entail commercial mortgage borrowers can leverage their knowledge of their mortgage to determine the best payment option.

Looking for a commercial mortgage may seem difficult and frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the ideal commercial mortgage solution for your business and personal requirements can be a simple effort with assistance from our dependable and experienced commercial mortgage agents at Freedom Capital.

The commercial mortgage specialists at Freedom Capital can help you get approved for a commercial mortgage or equity loan that is ideal for you whether you’re looking to acquire a commercial or mixed-use property or if you currently own commercial buildings and need to pull out equity. Our team will make every effort to negotiate the best pricing and conditions for you.

The advantages of refinancing your current commercial mortgage loan include the following:

Improve the worth of the property to obtain greater lease and rental prices.

The funds received from refinancing your current mortgage loan can be used to maintain, upgrade, and improve your commercial property . If you decide to sell it or further refinance it, this will assist raise the value of your commercial property. If you plan to remodelling and making renovations you can increase the lease or rent you can charge, as well as your cap rate and cash flow. You can even update your structure to make it accessible to those with disabilities. Accessibility can frequently be very expensive and add a lot of value to a commercial building.

Expand your investment property portfolio.

To continue your entry into the real estate investment market, invest the cash you withdraw from your commercial property by utilising it as a down payment on the purchase of other businesses or investments. A commercial property owner frequently owns a number of commercial properties during the course of their lifetime.

Consolidate other debts.

You can utilise a portion of the equity in your commercial property to pay off some of your high-interest obligations, like credit cards, and reduce your overall monthly payments if you own a commercial property. Particularly known for having absurdly high interest rates are debts incurred on credit cards. As compared to the interest you currently pay to the credit card issuers, you can obtain an equity take out loan at a far cheaper rate. With the money you save, you can pay off your bills more quickly.

Invest in your business.

You can withdraw some of the available equity from your commercial building and use that money to invest in expanding your business if you need some working capital or finance for your primary or any other business.. Imagine what you could do in the growth of your firm with a little extra operating capital.

Get a lower interest rate and better terms.

You could be able to save a significant amount of money and lower your monthly payments by lowering your interest rate and improving your mortgage terms, depending on your existing mortgage rate and the rate that you would qualify for with a new mortgage. Consolidating your first and second mortgages into a single first mortgage may be advantageous if you currently have a first and second mortgage.

Buyout a partner.

With the extra cash, you might be able to buy out or buy back shares in the property or in a business form a business partner.

Business tax write-off. The interest paid on a business mortgage is frequently deductible from company taxes. Tax reductions can have a significant impact on a company’s financial performance. To learn more, talk to your accounting specialist.

Hold onto your investment longer.

Refinancing your commercial property can occasionally be one of the best choices if you require cash rapidly. Some clients consider selling instead of refinancing to access cash. However, due to the high capital gains tax you have to pay if you sell it, refinancing might be a better financial choice. Please always seek professional advice to confirm tax implications of any sale.

Here are a few potential drawbacks to refinancing your commercial mortgage:

Increased monthly payments.

You can see increased monthly payments if you increase the balance of your mortgage. Naturally, this would depend on the size of the new loan, the restrictions, and the interest rate you would be eligible for when you decide to refinance.

Increased interest rate.

You can wind up with a higher interest rate depending on your current rate and the rate you would be eligible for if you choose the option to refinance your mortgage.

You should always prepare to give a downpayment when buying a commercial building or piece of land. The deposit or down payment for a business mortgage acquisition is a minimum of 25% and up. Depending on your current financial circumstance such as downpayment available, current credit score, ability to make payment and business earnings, and the property being purchase would affect the amount of downpayment that is required Here are some examples of the type of properties that would require a commercial mortgage:

Storefront with apartments (mixed use) mortgage

Multi-family residential mortgage

Commercial plaza mortgage

Office Building mortgage

Industrial mortgage

Construction project and development mortgage

Retail mortgage

The amount needed as a down payment can be kept low with a CMHC insured mortgage, and the interest rate on your business mortgage can also be lowered. Of course, rates are somewhat influenced by the length of your mortgage, creditworthiness and financial position. Discuss the advantages of obtaining mortgage insurance with your commercial mortgage broker.

Due to the increased risk to the party giving the money, commercial mortgages do tend to have higher variable and fixed interest rates than other mortgages. Always budget more money for your commercial business mortgage than you would for a residential mortgage on a property with comparable value.

Depending on a number of variables, including geography, that the lenders will take into account when examining your mortgage application, the difference in interest rates for these mortgages could be as little as 0.5% or higher.

It’s important to remember that the interest rates on commercial mortgages varies depending on the Canadian market you’re in, so talk to a mortgage broker who can offer you guidance and advice as part of their services.

For instance, a property in a busy Canadian city centre like Mississauga, Ottawa, or Toronto will probably have a lower interest rate than one in a rural community like Fort Erie, Ontario. Because lending in a densely populated city exposes the lender to less risk, it may produces lower interest rates

The complexity of a business mortgage transaction often results in greater legal fees as well. To learn more about how much money you should set aside to pay your legal costs associated with finalising the sale, you should consult with your attorney.

Your broker offers services that can assist you in exploring purchasing mortgage insurance from a business like CMHC in order to achieve the best rates and monthly payments on your commercial mortgage. Also, you should consistently evaluate the distinction between fixed and variable rates.

In order to make sure that you are matched with the mortgage that is most appropriate for you, a competent commercial mortgage broker will offer you all of the unbiased, truthful information and consulting services you require. With the assistance of our services at Freedom Capital, you will be guided through the full application procedure. In addition, we will locate a lender to negotiate the best terms on your behalf.

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