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Out of the box and common sense financing options​

So, Have you been jumping through the hoops with the banks to either get approved for a lower amount or the banks just decline you? Or
Have you found an opportunity to make money in your next real estate venture but you know the banks can’t provide financing in time? Or
Have you run into some shortfalls in a current project and the banks wont give you the money you are already approved for?

Freedom Capital works for you making the financing process quick, easy and painless and get you the money you need.

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Commercial Lending Solution

Construction Financing

We provide landowners and developers with prompt, competitive, and reliable mortgage solutions for commercial, multifamily and residential projects.
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Commercial Financing

Freedom Capital deals with over 50 institutional & alternative lenders. These include pension funds, life insurance companies, private investors…
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Land Financing

Land and Subdivision financing has become extremely difficult to obtain from traditional lenders. Our network of commercial lenders provides a variety of land financing options for both zoned and unzoned parcels of land.
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Mezzanine Financing

Borrowers wishing to use leverage beyond the typical guidelines of the conventional banks must seek secondary or mezzanine mortgage financing from private funding sources.
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Bridge Financing

Commercial bridge financing act as fast interim funding, facilitating the purchase of commercial real estate or completion of a property without an initial sale of your property.

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Demanded Mortgages

Freedom Capital is an expert in demanded mortgages. We will provide you with many refinance options and will help you avoid losing your home…

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This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain money from income or credit history. Our unique process can approve your 2nd or 3rd mortgage in as little as 24 hours and apply online our lending specialists will walk you through every step
Freedom Capital

24 Hour

Freedom Capital

Less Document

Freedom Capital

No Credit Score Required

Can I get approved if I have low income and bad credit?

You absolutely can. We do not approve your mortgage request based on your credit score or net income. We simply look at Equity when approving your mortgage . It’s that simple.

I’m looking for the best rate, can you help?

If its rate your looking for, no need to pay us. Simply walk into your local bank. We are not looking to take your hard-earned money. Unlike other typical mortgage brokerages, they dabble in conventional, private and commercial deals. We call this the ‘Generalist’ approach. Why pay a broker to get you a bank mortgage? We are specialists in Alternative financing. If the bank declines you, we’ll be thrilled to help and provide a no obligation alternative.

Is there a limit on how much mortgage you can approve?

Whether it be a 50k mortgage or a 150M high-rise construction facility, over the years we have solidified our national lender relationships to provide whatever funding requirements you may have.

I am late on my mortgage payments, can you help?
We base all our mortgages on equity and not your income or credit score. If you are late on your current mortgage payments, we can look at refinancing options and save your home from a potential demand mortgage.
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