Commercial Lending

Freedom Capital Inc is a full-service commercial mortgage brokerage specializing in Commercial & Alternative financing options. We take pride in creatively structuring loans that are outside of the parameters of your typical conventional lenders. We understand the issues facing borrowers and have the knowledge and experience to deliver customized loan structures to fit each projects individual needs.

We provide competitive, flexible, and service-oriented financing to developers and owners in the real estate industry.

We take pride in creatively structuring commercial mortgages outside the typical restricted conventional parameters.

Commercial Options

Construction financing

We provide landowners and developers with prompt, competitive, and reliable mortgage solutions for commercial, multifamily and residential projects.

Freedom Capital provides builders and developers a reliable source of Project financing – from the first draw to the last.

As they say: “Use the banks money to make money!” We provide some of the most flexible financing options with some of the industries minimal project equity requirements. Banks require you to put down huge amounts of equity. We use alternative creative lenders that allows our developers to not be restricted in building one project at a time but capitalize on doing 2 projects with the same equity.


We Arrange:

  • 1st & 2nd mortgage Construction Financing
  • 1st mortgage ‘A’ notes with a creative mezzanine ‘B’ notes for Loan to Cost ratios.
  • Equity take-out Loans to pay back your equity during or after construction

Commercial financing

Freedom Capital deals with over 50 institutional & alternative lenders. These include pension funds, life insurance companies, private investors, banks and trust companies, credit unions, pension funds, and life insurance companies.

Freedom Capital offers an array of products ranging from your conventional lending products to multi-million-dollar private commercial loans. Our unique ability to apply 2 or more programs to a single loan request provides our clients the added advantage of custom tailored solutions for every individual borrowers needs.

Freedom Capital is one of the largest commercial alternative mortgage brokerages in Canada.

We specialize in lending opportunities include the following: We specialize in lending opportunities include the following:

• Commercial buildings
• apartment buildings
• industrial buildings
• recreational resort properties
• hotels and motels
• plazas and shopping centers
• inventory loans
• condominium conversion projects
• storage facilities

Land Financing

Land and Subdivision financing has become extremely difficult to obtain from traditional lenders. Our network of commercial lenders provides a variety of land financing options for both zoned and unzoned parcels of land. A variety of flexible terms are available for land only loans. In some cases, Freedom Capital has been successful in obtaining land only financing with an additional loan reserve approved to assist in the rezoning of the property.

We understand the unique needs of Land and Subdivision developers. We have arranged financing for all categories of land development including multi-family sites, commercial/industrial land assemblies, and residential subdivisions.

We Specialize In:

  • Residential Subdivision Financing
  • Site acquisition for Multi-Family Development
  • Commercial and Industrial Land Assembly Loans
  • Single Family Residential Lots
  • Zoned and Unzoned Land
  • Agricultural-zoned Land Financing

Mezzanine Financing

Borrowers wishing to use leverage beyond the typical guidelines of the conventional banks must seek secondary or mezzanine mortgage financing from private funding sources.

Freedom Capital is the #1 source for private & alternative mortgage funds in Canada. We have arranged and funded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd private mortgages to achieve some of the highest loan to value loan ratios in the industry. Our mezzanine financing can be extremely creative with regard to loan terms and security to suit a borrower’s specific loan requirements.

Bridge Financing

Commercial bridge loans act as fast interim funding, facilitating the purchase of commercial real estate or completion of a property without an initial sale of your property.

Some borrowers choose bridge financing when they need flexibility to decide about the future of an asset (i.e. contemplating a sale, impending change in ownership structure or operational planning) or time to coordinate a standard financing option.

Foreclosure Prevention

Freedom Capital is an expert in foreclosure prevention financing. We will provide you with foreclosure refinance options and will help you avoid losing your home or investment property.

No matter what your credit situation or beacon score is, if you have equity in your property, we can help you refinance and stop foreclosure.

One of our strengths is the innovative approach to difficult or unusual mortgage situations. Our philosophy is to provide full spectrum creative financing that offers a wide range of mortgage solutions.

We are known for our expertise in quick closings, working through complicated foreclosure and receivership cases, providing financing options even to the most challenging of situations.

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