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Our hassle-free approach ensures people get the help they need!

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Are you looking for Property Investment outside the conventional lending box?

If any of these apply to your situation, then you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Capital, our financing experts create custom-tailored solutions (like investment property mortgage) for every individual borrower’s needs with quick and easy approvals.


You may find yourself with an excellent investment opportunity but without the funds necessary to take advantage of this opportunity. You may have ample equity in your home, but banks stringent rules are hindering you from accessing this equity to capitalize on your investment opportunity. No matter what the retail housing market is doing, Canada STILL has a large demand for rental income properties.
There a strong demand for rental properties with regions having low occupancy rates. While there are endless ways to invest your money, a 2019 Gallup poll found that 35% of North American respondents say real estate is the best long-term investment option. Renting out your home or purchasing a rental property is a great way to make some money and help pay down your mortgage.


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We say Yes When Banks Say No

At Freedom Capital, we have a reputation to look beyond the numbers nor do we a lengthy income qualification process. We deliver new and progressive mortgages with flexible yet common-sense underwriting that is easily understandable for borrowers. We deal with each and every type of consumer, from self-employed borrowers to residential real-estate investors to borrowers with recent credit events.

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Extensive Network of Lenders

We have an extensive network of lenders who fund deals immediately, even the most challenging ones. We are a private alternative mortgage brokerage firm where you can expect to acquire mortgages on easy terms of payment and relatively lesser paperwork than any other private financing brokerage. We deal with mortgage requests individually as we are committed to providing options and financing quickly.

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Common Sense Lending

Our focused, common sense lending has made Freedom Capital an ideal choice for investment property mortgages. We understand that home owners should have easy access to funds. Whether you need to pay taxes, debt, purchase a second property, vacation or what life brings you, we thrive to give you fast and easy access to money.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for Property Investment?

Freedom Capital is considered among the major alternative secured real estate financing providers in Canada. Due to our prominent position in the market, borrowers prefer to choose us over a conventional bank. In times of today, a bank takes weeks or even months to get their mortgage approved. We can get you approved in as little as 24 hours.
We are one of the largest investment property mortgage brokerages in Canada. Freedom Capital offers an array of products ranging from your conventional lending products to multi-million-dollar private commercial financing.
Our unique ability to apply 2 or more programs to a single mortgage request provides our clients the added advantage of custom-tailored solutions for every individual borrower’s need.

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Our sole focus is delivering fast & easy access to money, even to the most challenging of cases while providing sound advice every step of the way. Our no “red tape” policy and hassle-free approach ensures people get the help they need.
At Freedom Capital, our experts are available round-the-clock to help you with your unique investment property mortgage financing needs.
So, your mortgage request approved within no time at Freedom Capital. Our team of specialists have worked for many years with clients who looking to expand their real estate portofolio. We excel at coming up with multiple solutions to get you approved for your next real estate purchase.

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