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Custom-tailored equity based mortgage solutions!

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Are you looking for an Equity Mortgage outside the conventional lending box?

If these scenarios hit home, Freedom Capital provide equity financing options. Our team of financial experts ensure that borrowers receive a viable unique solution, immediate financing, and quick approvals that they need.


Your home or investment property may be worth significantly higher than when you first purchased it. You can access this capital with an equity takeout from your property. An equity based mortgage loan can fund

An equity takeout in Canada gives you options. Without leveraging your home or making drastic financial changes you can acquire the finances you need. Everyone faces financial situations. With a home loan equity, you can ensure these situations do not negatively impact you and your family.

Why Choose Freedom Capital?

Equity Takeout Approval

We Approve Previously Declined Applications

Was your mortgage application turned down by the banks? Were you unable to meet their stringent requirements and extensive application process? If so, Freedom Capital is here to help you. We deliver progressive mortgages catering to a borrower’s unique needs. Whether you are self-employed, new to Canada, or facing a financial situation that has impacted your income, Freedom Capital will provide you with the solutions you need.

Equity Takeout Network

Extensive Network of Lenders

Unlike banks, Freedom Capital has a network of lenders ready to fund your mortgages. Our lenders can get you the finances you need in as little as 24 hours* alongside ideal loan terms, reasonable requirements, and unique solutions. Freedom Capital can provide you with financial solutions other brokerages cannot.

Equity Take Out Mortgage

Common Sense Lending

With a focused team and common-sense lending approach, Freedom Capital is an ideal choice for any borrower seeking private or alternative mortgages. We work to understand your needs and create unique solutions. Whether it be a second mortgage, construction loan, land financing or an equity financing in Canada, Freedom Capital is here to provide.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for an Equity Takeout?

Freedom Capital is a equity mortgage lender that strives to provide borrowers across Canada with the financing they need. If you are looking for quick and simple equity based mortgage approval approvals, immediate funding, progressive mortgage solutions and, above all, a common-sense lender who understands your needs, Freedom Capital is perfect for you. We have unique solutions for borrowers, such as applying two or more programs to a single mortgage! This gives our clients an advantage and ensures they can make ends meet.

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We at Freedom Capital understand the importance of helping individuals in our communities across Canada get the financing they need to help recover from all life’s situations. That is why we work tirelessly to come up with creative solutions for Canadians with a complicated financial landscape. Have assets? We can help! Apply online now to experience our hardworking team’s efforts and get approved for your equity takeout in as little as 24 hours*! With years of experience and a drive to help borrowers, our team of specialists excel at getting you approved for the equity financing you need.

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Absolutely! Unlike the banks that require your down payment to be in your account for 90 days, we can leverage the equity you have in other real estate assets and potentially approve you for up to 100% of your transaction with extra collateral.

An equity takeout loan is a equity based mortgage loan used to tap into a property’s equity. This equity can then be used to finance a variety of financial situations. You can get an ETO loan in the form of a home equity loan, HELOC, and other such financial solutions.

With a Freedom Capital, you can borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of your home.

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