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We collaborate as a team to provide quality customer service and creative financing options that meet our clients’ needs. Our devoted team works round-the-clock to deliver fast results.
Freedom Capital was founded in 2010. Today, we operate as one of the largest National brokerages solely dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market in Canada. Our team of specialists have combined experience of over 35 years in the mortgage lending industry. Over the years, working in the industry we have seen banks and all other government regulated financial institutions eliminate programs and tighten their approval process. Freedom Capital recognized the need for alternative financing -for those individuals that require more diverse financial options.

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Easy Renewals Terms Because of City Delays with Rezoning

Easy Renewals Terms Because of City Delays with Rezoning

Client purchased land for an potential multi family building last year with Freedom Capital. We were approaching their renewal months and wanted to touch base with the clients. The client had put an application for building permit and rezoning into the city and was 6 months away from presale. We worked with the current lender to renewal for another 6 months. We are working with the client to get another mortgage for servicing costs and bonds to the city and construction financing

Mortgage Amount : $8,500,000.00
14 Unit Land Purchase with Approval in 2 Days

14 Unit Land Purchase with Approval in 2 Days

A fellow mortgage broker sent us this file as he was unable to help. Client were looking to purchase a 14 unit townhouse land site for $ 4M. Completion was coming up and they needed financing in place asap. We were able to get an approval within 2 business days and completed financing on time.

Mortgage Amount : $2,860,000.00
11 Lot Subdivision Land Financing with 100% Servicing Costs

11 Lot Subdivision Land Financing with 100% Servicing Costs

Group of investors required funds to complete on the acquisition of a large parcel with city approval for an 11 lot subdivision. We not only secured the acquisition financing, but also obtained sufficient funds to cover 100% of the servicing costs. This allows the clients to finish the subdivision with the same loan, save money and sell the lots thereafter.

Mortgage Amount : $2,500,000.00
100% Financing Option for Development Land Purchase

100% Financing Option for Development Land Purchase

Client were looking to purchase another development property. We went through their portfolio and we were able to assist with the downpayment to provide 100% financing for their next investment property.

Mortgage Amount : $1,500,000.00
multi-family development project financing

Equity Take Out – Land Financing for Multi-Family Development Project

Client was seeking a equity take loan for a future 6 phase multi-family development project.   They needed funds pay rezoning costs, development fees and build a show home.   This extra funding would allow them to get to the next stage of development and start the pre-selling process and take advantage of the hot market.

Mortgage Amount : $24,183,750.00
financing for high-rise development site

Financing for Land for Future High Rise Development Site

$15.2 Million land loan approved for a future high rise development site. Client required additional funds to buy more time securing a strong joint venture partner for his $135 Million project.

Mortgage Amount : $15,200,000.00
land financing for 46 storey building

Land Financing for 46 Storey Building

Clients was looking to invest into their next big project. We were able to obtain land purchase financing for a City approved two tower 46 Storey high rise mixed used commercial/residential building located in the downtown core. We were able to use the client reputation and experience to easily approve them within a short closing period without a mountain of documentation.

Mortgage Amount : $11,245,000.00
Land and Servicing Financing

Land and Servicing Financing

$18.5M Loan Funded! Large high rise site, repeat clients required the next stage in financing. We refinanced the land to provide interim financing with additional funds to cover the servicing costs until they have the presales in place for the construction financing.

Mortgage Amount : $18,500,000.00
Purchase Financing for Lot Assembly for High Rise Developments – Approval Within 48 Hours

Purchase Financing for Lot Assembly for High Rise Developments – Approval Within 48 Hours

Clients were purchasing a lucrative lot assembly purchase for the next high rise site. We were able to obtain an offer within 48 hours of collecting all documents. Competitive rates with easy conditions. No need for 3 weeks subject removals, we got you covered!

Mortgage Amount : $21,375,000.00
financing for lucrative land project

Financing for Lucrative Land Project

Yes, we refer business to our realtor partners. We had an existing client that we recently finished a purchase on a lucrative land project. His exit was always to sell the project once the project received 4th reading. The client reached out to us and ask if we had any trusted realtor partners that could help him sell this site. We reached out to all our realtor partners and got our client’s property sold. Not only did we collect commissions for the new purchase with the new buyer, we worked as a partnership with a local realtor and they collected commission.

Mortgage Amount : $17,300,000.00
Purchase of $7M Development Site

Mortgage for a Multi Family Purchase of a Development Site

The client was looking to complete a multi-family subdivision (townhomes and single family homes). This was a lucrative deal, as all zoning was in place. Once they took possession, the client could market the single family lots and achieve enough equity to build the remaining townhomes. They knew they had to move fast on this opportunity, so they reached out to us as their trusted partner. We were able to obtain the 1st Mortgage for land-only financing of $ 7M with highest loan to value available in the market.
Land money is as scarce as available development land – ask us how you can use our trusted connections to find what you need and get the financing you require.

Mortgage Amount : $7,000,000.00
13 Lot Approved Subdivision 1st Mortgage Financing Including Construction Funds for Snow Homes

13 Lot Approved Subdivision Financing Including Construction Funds for Snow Homes

PLA approved 13 lot subdivision located in Grandview Heights area of South Surrey. There are 6 RF-10 homes and 6 RF-13 homes. expected gross sales for all 13 lots and including 12 constructed homes will be $17,100,000. Our referring realtor advised his long term client was looking for servicing and construction financing and need a push to get the bonds posted to the city so he can start presales.

Mortgage Amount : $11,785,000.00
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