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Your bank has declined your mortgage

You have a low net income as a self-employed individual

You or your family member has faced severe health issues

You are going through a divorce, separation or bankruptcy

You have gone through or are experiencing a life situation

Freedom Capital thrives to you help you !

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Alternative Mortgage Solution

2nd Mortgage

Need access to immediate funds to invest in your business or more real estate? Or maybe renovate your home or pay off other expenses?
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Need help to pay off those extremely high-interest rate credit cards? Struggling to get ahead due to high-interest debt, loans or CRA taxes?
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Being self-employed can sometimes make obtaining a mortgage from the banks a very difficult task. Are you looking for alternative mortgage lenders with quick approvals?
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Property Investment

Have you found an excellent investment property you would like to purchase? Do you have ample equity with no way to access it due to the bank’s stringent rules? Do you need an alternative lending mortgage to fund your investments?
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Private Financing

Been declined by the banks? Do you have bad credit and/or low income? Are you over-leveraged or looking for solutions outside the conventional lending box? Are the stringent rules and traditional solutions too difficult to work with? If so, alternative mortgage lenders can help.
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Equity Takeout

Did you know that your home or investment property may be worth significantly higher than when you purchased it? You can gain access to this money with an equity takeout from your property. Cover your costs and finance a variety of needs with a Freedom Capital equity takeout mortgage.
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New to Canada Mortgage

New immigrants to Canada face many challenges getting approved for a mortgage from conventional banks. It can be hard to get approved without a Canadian credit score or work history. If that’s the case, Freedom Capital is here to help.
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Non Resident Mortgage

Are you facing obstacles as a non-resident looking for a mortgage? Whether it be an investment property purchase, or a construction draw mortgage, financing options are available through Freedom Capital.
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Divorce and Separation

Going through a divorce or separation can be very difficult. Are you facing new challenges and unforeseen circumstances? Do you need immediate access to funds? Whatever the case may be, Freedom Capital’s unique divorce and separation mortgages can help.
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With lending specialists to guide you every step of the way and alternative lending solutions tailored to your needs, obtain fast and easy funding today with Freedom Capital. Apply now to receive approval for your mortgage in as little as 24 hours*!
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I do not have a down payment and have a low income but lots of equity, can you help?
Absolutely! Unlike banks that require your down payment to be in your account for 90 days, we can leverage the equity you have in other real estate assets and potentially approve you for up to 100% of your transaction with extra collateral.
How long does it take to get approved for an alternative mortgage?
Freedom Capital has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Subject to the type of mortgage you are applying for, we can potentially get you approved in 24 hours*.
In which cities can I qualify for a Freedom Capital alternative lending mortgage?
Freedom Capital provides unique solutions for borrowers across Canada! We work with lenders that provide mortgages in urban areas located in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.
How are Freedom Capital’s alternative lending solutions different?
When the banks refuse to give you a mortgage for whatever reason, Freedom Capital will review your application. Every borrower has unique needs. Whether it be bad credit, low income, new to Canada or any other factor, we can help with an alternative solution that will bring you the financial stability you need.
I am late on my mortgage payments, can you help?
We base all our mortgages on equity and not your income or credit score. So if you are late on your current mortgage payments, we can look at refinancing options and save your home from a potential foreclosure.
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