CRA Taxes Due

We provide options to pay off your tax debt fast!

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Are you looking to pay off CRA Taxes outside the conventional lending box?

If you are facing these scenarios, then you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Capital, our financial experts are available round the clock to assist clients that need unique alternative financing. Make ends meet with a Freedom Capital mortgage.

When are CRA Taxes Due?

CRA taxes can be one of the hardest financial challenges to overcome. It can often make it hard to keep afloat with all the penalties, DAILY compound interest and late fees. If for whatever reason, you do not pay your taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency (or CRA) can put a claim on and seize all your assets. Including but not limited to
If you try to pay off your taxes in Canada with a mortgage, the traditional banks will turn you down when you need them most. However, Freedom Capital can help you!
Let us show you how we can help you save money on those high penalties, interest rates and fees.


CRA Taxes Due

We say Yes When Banks Say No

Freedom Capital has a reputation to look beyond the numbers. With easy to meet requirements and a simple qualification process, Freedom Capital’s common-sense underwriting ensures every borrower receives the mortgage they need. Whether you are self-employed, a non-resident, a real estate investor, or simply an individual looking for a mortgage, we will provide you with the solutions you need.

CRA Taxes

Extensive Network of Lenders

At Freedom Capital, we have a range of private lenders. Whether it be an array of mortgage options or a network of experienced lenders ready to provide immediate financing. With easy mortgage terms and relatively less paperwork, Freedom Capital is committed to providing quick and easy financing for every client. Our extensive network of lenders ensures clients are satisfied.

CRA Lending

Common Sense Lending

Freedom Capital’s common sense lending makes us the best choice for alternative and private mortgages. To save on taxes you need the right financing. Delayed mortgage approvals, extensive requirements, and inadequate funds can lead to severe problems for a borrower. This is why at Freedom Capital we strive to provide our clients with quick and easy financing.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for paying off CRA Taxes?

Freedom Capital provides options to take out a home equity mortgage to pay off your tax debt. Our sole focus is delivering fast & easy access to money, even to the most challenging of cases while providing sound advice every step of the way. If you are looking to reduce CRA taxes, Freedom Capital can be your financial lifeline. With a Freedom Capital mortgage, you can
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Freedom Capital is committed to helping everyday Canadians gain back their financial lives and free them from the bonds of debt. Our innovative approach, creative lending and quick financing are what makes us capable of helping even the most challenging cases save on taxes. With experts available round-the-clock and a team of specialists with years of experience under their belt, Freedom Capital is well equipped and ready to deliver the financing you need.

If for whatever reason, you do not pay your taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency (or CRA) can put a claim on and seize all your assets. Including but not limited to 

  • Real estate such as your family home
  • Investment properties 
  • Automobiles such as cars and boats
  • Any other asset that can cover the costs of your due taxes 
Banks do not refinance your asset to pay CRA debts especially if they have placed a lien on your property. Freedom Capital CAN help. We will refinance your home or commercial property via a 1st or 2nd mortgage and help pay off that interest accruing debt. You then look at options to refinance at your bank at a later date.
Our team specializes in assisting in obtaining a mortgage to pay off CRA. Once the CRA debt is paid off, we can look into refinancing options to get you back on track. If you have the required equity, we can help save your family assets.
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