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How To Get Commercial Real Estate Investment Money

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Commercial Real Estate Mortgage: If you’re new to Canada, self-employed, or are new to investing and need a source for commercial real estate investment money, you should opt for a lender who can finance and help you with your investments. 

Commercial real estate lending offers mortgages to purchase commercial real estate. 

Office buildings, retail sales units, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, residential rental buildings, multi-family construction and raw land are all examples of commercial real estate.

Should you invest in commercial real estate?

The best reason to invest in commercial properties is to diversify your portfolio. Depending on the location, the current economy, and external factors, commercial properties usually have an annual return on investment of 6 per cent to 12 per cent. 

Small businesses may also benefit from commercial real estate investment. Commercial property owners are typically limited liability companies (LLCs) that run the property as a corporation.   Owning where you do business, allows you to control your expenses and helps with rising leasing costs.  

Having commercial real estate adds to your capital, and most importantly, gives you a reliable source of income for years to come. 

When it comes to commercial real estate lending for beginners, lenders usually have a stringent process and take several things into account before providing commercial real estate investment money. This is why you should opt for a reliable lender, like Freedom Capital. 

Invest in commercial real estate with Freedom Capital

In the area of commercial real estate mortgages, we at Freedom Capital have a vast and impressive record of dealing with more than 200 alternative and institutional lenders. We have the solutions to provide a wide selection of products, from conventional lending to private commercial finances.

Our focused, common-sense lending has made Freedom Capital an ideal choice for private/alternative mortgages. 

We offer our professional services to our clients and are more than happy to serve them whenever they need us. Our topmost priority is to provide personalized and fast financing solutions to our clients. 

We take pride in the fact that we take on rush deals and process our loans within the given timeframe.

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