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How to Use a Second Mortgage For Construction

A second mortgage refers to financing that permits you to borrow against an already mortgaged real estate. Without even selling your real estate, you can use it as a way to finance your goals and projects. Second mortgages can be used for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the construction of a residential or commercial property. 

Financing Commercial Construction


The borrower may be a partnership, incorporation, or limited company. Since the borrower is a group of people and not an individual, the requirements and terms for a commercial construction loan can be hard to meet. 

A commercial construction loan is a form of bank-issued short-term financing that has been generated for the particular purpose of financing the construction or reconstruction of a commercial property. However, a construction loan can only be used for building purposes. 

Conventional mortgages are used for the purchase of a property, this is why the borrower gets a bit of wiggle room and can use the mortgage for a variety of reasons, including construction. If you are looking for a loan outside of construction loans to help with the development of a property, a second mortgage should help. 

Commercial loan approval relies heavily on a borrower’s creditworthiness and income. This is why some borrowers prefer second mortgages. 

About Second Mortgages and Their Benefits


A second mortgage loan is essentially a second loan obtained against your property that has previously been, or is actually, mortgaged. The second mortgage may be either a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a home equity loan, depending on the needs of the borrower, and may be used by the borrower for a variety of different purposes. 

Your second mortgage can be arranged in two ways, either a stand-alone mortgage or a piggyback mortgage. 

The distinction between the two is that a stand-alone mortgage is opened after the first home equity loan, but a piggyback second mortgage is generated at the same time as the primary loan. For a piggyback loan, all loans would have to be paid out at the same time, which is not ideal.

Second mortgages can also be taken in lump amounts, where you get a lump amount of money that you can use for anything you want. 

Irrespective of the structure you use, a second mortgage can be very helpful if it is used under the right conditions and can also save your finances. 

If the borrower wants to, they can use second mortgages as a substitute for construction loans if a borrower.

Getting financing for commercial construction with a second mortgage is relatively easy. Since the borrower has already gone through the mortgage process, lenders are more willing to provide them with a mortgage. 

However, the requirements for a second mortgage in Canada can be hard to meet. This is because the real estate has already been leased, which reduces the property’s value. 

Obstacles like stringent requirements and high rates can be dealt with easily if the borrower works with the right parties. With the right mortgage broker, and a good lender, borrowers can get the second mortgage they need for their commercial construction.  

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