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Our unique products cater to those borrowers who do not fit into today’s conventional financing box, from single family homes to multi-million-dollar investment and construction financing. Our sole focus is delivering fast and easy access to money, even to the most challenging of cases.
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Commercial Lending

Freedom Capital is a full-service Commercial Brokerage specializing in Commercial & Alternative financing options. We thrive in creatively structuring mortgages that are outside the stringent parameters of your typical banks. Whether it's a higher mortgage amount, an equity takeout or simply needing an approval!

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How to Apply for Mortgage
  1. Click ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the short application form.
  2. A mortgage specialist will contact you to determine if you are a canditate for financing.
  3. We will email you a list of items we need for your potential approval. You then upload your documents to our secure portal.
  4. Upon receiving a successful approval, Freedom Capital provides a no obligation mortgage offer.
  5. Review and sign the mortgage offer that works for you.
  6. Sign the legal documents for your mortgage offer at the lawyer of your choice.
  7. Obtain the funds to successfully complete your transaction.


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Freedom Capital has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Subject to the type of mortgage you are applying for, you can potentially get mortgage approval in 24 hours*.
This is our speciality. We can provide flexible options on ‘land only’ financing. Once you have successfully rezoned the land, you have then gained substantial equity with an increase in value. If required, we can then furthermore provide servicing and construction loan options.
  • Details of the development site – location, value, the purchase price
  • Development appraisal
  • Development costs
  • Details of the planning permission – what does the site have planning for and what are you planning to build
  • Details of all the applicants, if a limited company then details about the directors:
  • Asset and Liability Statement for all applicants and company
  • Experience with previous development
  • Development and Marketing team details
  • Company Structure

Talk To Your Skilled Acquisition and Development Financing Mortgage Solution Provider

If you decide to venture into a development project, don’t leave it to chance. If you are having trouble arranging financing, talk to a professional and experienced mortgage solution provider like Freedom Capital. We will do our best to assist you in finding the right kind of mortgage for your development property.

Your initial construction draw would typically be spent to buy the land if you don’t already own it. This first draw, which can range up to 65% of the land’s cost. We can work with you and show you different options with buying a feasible plot of land that makes sense for your goals.
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