Our unique products cater to borrowers that do not fit into today’s conventional financing box all the way to multi-million dollar commercial and construction loans. Our strength is our innovative and ‘creative’ approach.

Fast & easy access to money

Our sole focus is delivering fast & easy access to money even to the most challenging of cases.

Our strength is our innovative and creative approach to difficult or unusual mortgage situations

Do you have bad credit, low income, over leveraged, or looking for solutions outside the conventional lending box? Are you tired of the bank bureaucracy, politics or games? With the marketplace changing and the bank’s rules becoming more stringent, it is extremely difficult working with the traditional banking solutions and it is not for everyone. We can provide options whether it’s a commercial or personal real estate loan, private financing, construction draw mortgage, interim/bridge financing, foreclosure prevention, land acquisition & land only deals, equity takeouts or a 2nd/3rd mortgage.

Whatever the case there is an alternative here for you. Our sole focus is delivering fast & easy access to money, even to the most challenging of deals while providing sound advice every step of the way.

We Specialize In

  • Private financing – 2nd and 3rd mortgages up 85%
  • Commercial financing – 250k – 100mil
  • Construction loans – up to 100% of the costs funded
  • Land financing
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Debt consolidation and credit repair

Our Advantages

  • Ultra quick closings
  • We take deals with limited documents
  • No credit qualifications
  • Self employed or low income
  • No limit financing
  • No stringent bank rules


Freedom Capital offers an array of products ranging from your conventional lending products to to multi-million-dollar private commercial and construction loans. Our unique ability to apply 2 or more programs to a single loan request provides our clients the added advantage of custom tailored solutions for every individual borrowers needs.

Refinance For Any Use
  • Help payoff an existing private loan that is up for renewal.
  • Need a second mortgage to consolidate debt.
  • Foreclosure – We will seek an alternative option to refinance your mortgage so you save your equity and avoid further foreclosure proceedings.
  • Require a down payment for a new venture.
For Investors
  • Avoid Banks ‘Red Tape’ policies.
  • Easily able to take available equity. This can use used as a down payment on new investment.
  • Provide cash from your equity immediately to take advantage of a purchase opportunity. With a high profit potential, lenders premium interest rates and fees are a small price to pay.
Commercial Clients
  • Require funds quickly to pay trades/expenses.
  • Went slightly over budget and require short term equity financing to complete the project.
  • You have less than 3 years of strong business financials
  • Owe money to Revenue Canada.
  • Require additional funds for mortgage interest payments.
  • Require funds to pay a lien or judgement registered on title.
  • Require funds for upfront costs to the City for a development project.
  • In need of upfront marketing costs to achieve any presale requirements.
For Land Developers
  • Require financing on raw speculative land.
  • Once the land has undergone its readings, we further arrange construction and takeout financing.
  • We can potentially fund up to 100% of construction costs.
Lack of Income
  • You do not have sufficient proof of income or enough income to qualify.
  • You may not have filed or be up-to-date with filing your current tax returns.
  • You are self employed or been in business for less than 3 years.
For Realtors
  • help you by approving your clients so they can remove subjects and complete your deal.

“The difficult deal specialists”

We also offer in-house mortgage financing to further allow us to be more creative in approving your deal.’ Furthermore, we are continuously negotiating with a broad array of lending institutions that include pension funds, life insurance companies, trust companies, private investors/lenders and the conventional banks.

In addition to securing the best possible terms and structure, we also save our clients the countless hours of work it takes to avoid a decline and successfully approve these complex, hard to place mortgage requests.

About Us

Freedom Capital specializes in Commercial, Construction and Private Financing options. We are simply your alternative financing specialists.

“We have an extensive network of lenders ready to fund deals immediately“

Our sole focus is delivering fast and easy access to money, even to the most challenging of deals. We understand that traditional banking solutions may not be for everyone. We have access to products that range from first and second mortgages for those borrowers who do not fit into today’s conventional financing box to multi-million-dollar commercial and construction loans.

One of our strengths is the innovative approach to difficult or unusual mortgage situations. Our philosophy is to provide full spectrum financing that offers a wide range of mortgage solutions in a one stop shop solution for all your mortgage needs. We have been extremely successful in providing alternative mortgage solutions to Canadian mortgage consumers.

“May it be a $75,000,000 high rise construction request, a land only finance request, a foreclosure prevention request or simply a short term bridge financing request….. We are the number one ‘go to’ mortgage solutions provider for these unique mortgages”.

Borrowers turn to Freedom Capital when looking for innovative and creative solutions for themselves or for their clients.


“We have an extensive network of lenders ready to fund deals immediately“

No Tough Bank Rules Here!

Freedom Capital specializes in Commercial, Construction and Private Financing options.
We are simply your alternative financing specialists.

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