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Our unique Canada Mortgage   cater to those borrowers who do not fit into today’s conventional financing box, to multimillion-dollar commercial and construction loans.  Our strength is innovative and loans. these strength is our innovative and easy access to money even to the most challenging of cases. Do you need urgent financing now?

Alternative Lending

Commercial Lending

We take pride in structuring loans that are outside of the parameters of your typical conventional lenders.

Construction Financing

We provide landowners and developers with prompt, competitive, and reliable Canada mortgage Broker solutions for commercial, multifamily and residential projects. mortgage solutions for commercial, multifamily and residential projects. Financing – from the first draw to the last.

Commercial Financing

Freedom Capital deals with over 50 institutional & alternative lenders. These include pension funds, life insurance companies, private investors, banks and trust companies, credit unions, pension funds, and life insurance companies.

Land Financing

Whether you are planning to purchase or refinance raw land, develop a raw land or intending to improve your parcel’s geographic landscape or just simply looking to purchase a new farm, expand your current operations, refinance your debts or plan to manage your day-to-day

Mezzanine Financing

Borrowers wishing to use leverage beyond the typical guidelines of the conventional banks must seek secondary or mezzanine mortgage financing from private funding sources. Freedom Capital is the #1 source for private & alternative mortgage funds in Canada.

Bridge Financing

Commercial bridge loans act as fast interim funding, facilitating the purchase of commercial real estate or completion of a property without an initial sale of your property. Some borrowers choose bridge financing when they need flexibility to decide about the future of an asset.

Foreclosure Prevention

Freedom Capital is an expert in foreclosure prevention financing. We will provide you with foreclosure refinance options and will help you avoid losing your home or investment property. No matter what your credit situation or beacon score is, if you have equity in your property.


Do you have bad credit, low income, over-leveraged, or looking for solutions outside the conventional lending box? Are you tired of the bank bureaucracy, politics or games? With the marketplace changing and the bank’s rules becoming more stringent, it is extremely difficult working with the traditional banking solutions and it is not for everyone.

Whatever the case there is an alternative here for you!