What’s The Best Debt Consolidation Mortgage in Canada




Debt consolidation Mortgages in Canada allow citizens to consolidate multiple liabilities into a single payment. You can use the funds from this new mortgage to pay back any outstanding obligations, bills, or other small loan instalments.

If you are facing financial obligations, or your due bills are piling up, now is the time to consider options that can help you. Debt consolidation is a simple and effective way to pay off all of your outstanding debts and working on increasing your credit score. 

About Debt Consolidation in Canada

Consolidating your debt can save you money. If you have credit cards with double-digit interest rates, the best solution is to consolidate all these bills into a lower interest rate. This will improve cash flow and save you money in interest.  

It also simplifies your finances. Debt consolidation Mortgages combine several debts into a single monthly payment with fixed rates and a specified repayment term, ensuring that your monthly payments remain consistent and that you know when your debt will be paid off.

Additionally, if you use a consolidation Mortgage to pay off multiple due bills, especially credit card accounts, it might positively impact your credit score. 

The client often wants to use a debt consolidation company to help to settle their bills. However, they often neglect to tell you that some settlements put negative ratings on your credit bureau.     This is why you need a lender who understands your needs and looks at all aspects of your financial picture.

Get Guaranteed with Freedom Capital

At Freedom Capital, we take pride in helping borrowers outside the conventional lending box. At Freedom Capital, we specialize in commercial, construction, and private financing options. We provide the best alternative lending route to your unique financing needs.

We frequently receive requests from people who have accumulated up credit card bills or line of credit obligations for various reasons, such as losing their job, incurring a health expense, or paying a child’s education fee.

In this case, they seek assistance from their financial institution but are turned down. If you find yourself in this situation, we at Freedom Capital can help you consolidate your debt in Canada using your home equity.

If you pay daily interest on a credit card, you’re paying interest upon interest at 19 to 20% rates every day. We’ll help you refinance, consolidate your obligations, and put you in a position where you have manageable payments and a far lower interest rate. 

Make the most of your asset by taking out a debt consolidation Mortgage.

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