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Are you looking for Second Mortgage outside the conventional lending box?

If any of these apply to your situation, then you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Capital, our financing experts create custom-tailored solutions for every individual borrower’s needs with quick and easy approvals.

What is Second Mortgage?

Second mortgage refers to a financing that permits you to borrow on behalf of the worth of your real estate. Your real estate is a type of fixed asset. With the passage of time, that asset accumulates value. Without even selling your real estate, you can use it as a way to finance your goals and projects.  Second mortgage basically is a mortgage where your house, already mortgaged, is used as a collateral.


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Pay for Renovations or Improvements

With your second mortgage, you can utilize the finances to pay for the upgrades and improvements to your real estate. By doing so, the worth and value of your real estate will further increase. Retrofits and renovations are an excellent way to increase the estate’s monetary worth. You can easily use your 2nd mortgage as an investment towards your real estate.

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Consolidate Debt

Second mortgages can be a great way for you to consolidate all your debt. You can have debts such as lines of credit, car Mortgage and credit cards. If you consolidate all your debts, you will just have to make one monthly payment that will cover everything. In most cases, by consolidating the debts at a lower interest rate the payments are reduced significantly offering you more cashflow.

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Business Investment

Your bank has said NO to your business mortgage application. Second mortgages can be a great way for you to access funds from your other real estate holdings and invest that as a shareholders mortgage into your business.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for Second Mortgage

We offer our professional services to our clients and are more than happy to serve them whenever they need us.
Nowadays, conventional banks are very rigorous in their mortgage process. A conventional bank offers limited finances and restrictive types of lending offerings. You might go to a bank in hopes of applying for a mortgage of $700,000 only to find that the bank will approve $600,000.
We at Freedom Capital offer several lending options to our clients that the conventional banks, or even other mortgage solution providers for that matter, don’t offer to their clients. To meet our client’s best intentions, not only do we offer them the finances but also our professional advice. We put our clients and their needs on topmost priority.

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A second mortgage can make good sense in the right circumstance and can actually save you money. A second mortgage is simply a mortgage secured against your property as collateral. By securing the mortgage against your property you can obtain a lower rate compared to an un-secured mortgage or other types of debts such as credit cards. Moreover, there is no need to qualify based on income and credit, it is an equity-based mortgage.

If you are in need of easy access to immediate funds, then you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Capital we have a unique process through which your 2nd or even 3rd mortgage will get approved within 48 hours. No need to wait for weeks for you to receive your finances. In a matter of days, we will hand you your required funding. Whether it be a solution to high rate debts you are looking to consolidate and lower your monthly payments, immediate funds required for a business, purchase of another real estate asset or perhaps funds you want to put towards a home renovation project -we can help!
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