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We collaborate as a team to provide quality customer service and creative financing options that meet our clients’ needs. Our devoted team works round-the-clock to deliver fast results.
Freedom Capital was founded in 2010. Today, we operate as one of the largest National brokerages solely dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market in Canada. Our team of specialists have combined experience of over 35 years in the mortgage lending industry. Over the years, working in the industry we have seen banks and all other government regulated financial institutions eliminate programs and tighten their approval process. Freedom Capital recognized the need for alternative financing -for those individuals that require more diverse financial options.

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Purchase Financing Even When the Banks Say No To Great Credit

Purchase Financing Even When the Banks Say No To Great Credit

Our client had over 800 beacon credit score, and the banks still said no to his funding request! They were pre-approved for a purchase, but the bank decided not to proceed, with no reason given. They were coming up to closing the deal and needed help. Their realtor is a great referral source of Freedom Capital and knew we could help! Within days we were able to get an approval and save the client tons of money if they weren’t able to complete in court costs alone.

Even though you have an excellent credit doesn’t mean the bank will say yes. We are always here to provide a solution.

Mortgage Amount : $540,000.00
Purchase Financing for Vacation Home

Purchase Financing for Vacation Home

Client were seeking a vacation home for years. Finally, with the demanding market and interest rates changes, they found their home! But when they approached their bank to complete their pre-approval, they didn’t qualify. They confidently put in an offer due to the approval, but unfortunately they didn’t have financing.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain an approval, order an appraisal within three days of them contacting us! We love to yes when the banks say no.

Mortgage Amount : $550,000.00
1st Mortgage Purchase Financing from Family

Purchase Financing from Family

A family wanted to transfer the title from the mother to the son’s name. We are very familiar with this, as we often have similar cases where a family member is looking to be on or removed from title, etc. We made this transaction very easy for the client, and advised the client to have an agreement drawn up from the lawyers (to help with saving on closing costs). The lender accepted the agreement as it was mutually beneficial to all parties and arranged financing quickly.

Let us help you make sense of real estate ownership and how to manage it in case of family/ownership changes.

Mortgage Amount : $308,000.00
Purchase Financing for Out of Province Buyer

Purchase Financing for Out of Province Buyer

Client was looking to purchase a property in another province. Their broker was only able to qualify them for a lower amount and client needed more funds for downpayment. We analyzed their assets and we were able to close within 4 days and ensure client wasn’t breach of contract.

We always look at the bigger picture and use our creative solutions to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Mortgage Amount : $450,000.00
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