How To Get a Mortgage Without a Down Payment



A mortgage without down payment appears to be a miracle for many borrowers. With financial organizations establishing stringent requirements for mortgage applications in today’s world, the idea of obtaining a house mortgage with no down payment can be very profitable.

How do Zero Down Payment Mortgages Work?

The only difference between a no down payment mortgage and a standard mortgage is that no money is required at closing. The only money you’ll need is to cover the regular closing expenses. A lender will fund both your mortgage and your down payment.

Most lenders do not offer mortgages without a down payment, this is because it is very risky for them. A down payment assures a lender that the borrower is reliable and capable of making the monthly instalments. Lenders aren’t as reassured without a down payment as they are with one.

However, at Freedom Capital, we take this risk and provide zero down payment mortgages for our borrowers. 

No Down Payment Mortgages

At Freedom Capital, we specialize in commercial mortgage, construction mortgage, and private financing options. We provide the best alternative lending route to your unique financing needs.

Freedom Capital, unlike banks and other lending organizations, does not require verifications of your down payment because we do not demand it. If you have equity in another property, we can use it to finance up to 100 per cent of your new purchase.

Yes, if you have equity, we can provide up to 100% funding. That is not permitted by commercial banks. If you have assets, we can leverage them and provide you with up to 100 per cent financing on a new purchase or an investment loan, allowing you to tap into your equity and make money.


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