Land financing

Land Financing

At Freedom Capital, our professionally accredited brokers will give you the right piece of advice pertaining to land financing. Here are some areas where we can help with either a purchase or refinance of either of a vacant lot or raw land:

-Developing loan

-Servicing loan

-Recreational land loan

-Purchasing a farm

-Agricultural servicing loans

-Expanding your current operations

-Refinance your debts

-Plan to manage your day-to-day operational expenses

-Improving your parcel’s geographic landscape

Freedom Capital is a recognized name in the private financing industry in Canada that delivers fast, easy and instant access to money even to the most challenging cases. Over the years, we have been helping individuals and real-estate developers acquire land financing loans on easy repayment terms and schedule, which gives our loan beneficiaries a piece of mind and allows them to make the most out of their time on building and establishing land’s


In today’s conventional banking market, it has become practically impossible for you to get your land only mortgages approved. Banks see land only financing as very risky, because they do not have the added security of a dwelling or home on it which could be income producing or easier to sell if need be. This is why they have stopped giving loans on these types of financing products. With Freedom Capital, you can get your land only loans approved in a very short period of time.

We understand that acquiring a loan for a piece of land is extremely viable and very profitable option for individuals. The borrowers will receive a mortgage approved by Freedom capital for the acquisition of this land purchase easily. The borrower will then further go through the rezoning process through the city. At this time the borrower has made an extensive amount of profit from the rezoning of this land period is at this point that freedom Capital will be able to refinance the mortgage based on the new value and or help provide another servicing loan for the offsite work for the project.

At Freedom Capital, we have, on numerous occasions helped individuals acquire a piece of land and provided financing to go through to the rezoning process. We take pride in achieving these goals and helping our borrowers achieve very high yields and high profits on these land acquisitions. This then further goes onto the construction loan after the rezoning is achieved. We value our borrower’s needs and understand their land loan borrowing cases, we treat it as our own.

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Freedom Capital specializes in commercial, construction and private land loan financing options. We provide best land financing deals and land financing packages, which makes us the most preferred platform where your land financing needs are met. We deliver fast and easy access to money, even in the most challenging situations. Our talented land financing experts are willing to assist you round-the-clock and will ensure a quick and easy funding arrangement for you.


Require immediate money to fund your land financing deals? No problem! At Freedom Capital, we have a wide range of sources and solutions for land servicing loans and positively respond to people who are looking to acquire land loans on attainable terms. So, if your bank has denied you a land financing loan and you are finding it hard to arrange sources of capital funding, then Freedom Capital is where you can start all over again. We have an extensive network of lenders who are always ready to fund your land financing deals immediately, regardless of how complex or unique they may be.

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If you wish to know more about us and how we will be of service to you, contact one of our professional representatives.


We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money


At Freedom Capital, we understand the true value of your precious time and we don’t let you feel neglected or demotivated when you chose us as your land financing option. Our goal is to deliver you easy access to money on flexible payment terms. We have a competitive pricing model and our rates will vary on your requirement, type of land loan, and terms of the loan. With extreme-level dedication and commitment, we have best land financing packages, which you will not find anywhere else in Canada.

Our business value reflects our company’s vision of providing quick access to money without any delays, which will help you to fund your land financing deals immediately.

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Before you begin pursuing your land financing options, you need to establish an approach and that should be a strong one with strategic objectives and outcomes framed in mind. What type of land financing do you want? What type of land servicing loans do you intend to acquire? What will you do if your first choices to land financing don’t work out well? So, just make your mind clear and ensure that you have done all your research and business planning pertaining to the acquisition of land loans so you know how much financing you will need at the end of the day.

Land Financing: Everything You Need To Know

Land Loan Options

There are numerous land loans options to choose from. Freedom Capital offers a wide list ofcategories from where you can acquire best land financing packages. Land loans can be acquired topurchase or refinance vacant lot(s) or raw land which can include agricultural or farm properties,recreational lands at large on competitive down payments, servicing and/or development, equity-take-out and debt consolidation.

Types of Land loans

Lot or Raw land

Before you intend to approach your land financing firm, you need to be clear about what you are purchasing or intending to get your deal financed. A ‘Lot’ is a land that is semi-developed or loaded with basic utilities; sewer, roads, water, electricity as highlighted in the aforementioned paragraph.

On the other hand, Raw Land has to be developed for the improvements from the scratch, which sometimes restricts individuals to get a fast and easy access to money. In case of acquiring a raw loan, you have to attach all the documents of land improvements with the loan applications for presenting a strong case for getting access to the loan. At Freedom Capital, we know the true value of your time, efforts and energies and that is why we have a simple term of payment that will get you instant access to money.

Agriculture/Farm Land Loans

These loans are generally very difficult to obtain. These Land loans are available for farmers, ranchers, dairy operations etc. as the productive land will yield income, which makes it relatively easier to acquire. At Freedom Capital, we will help you obtain the agricultural loans for your own individual and business need on easy down payments and workable terms.

Recreational Land Loans

These loans are used for parcels for vacationing, hunting, adventuring purposes. Also, recreational land loans are relatively hard to acquire as they are risky in nature and people can often walk away from it, putting the lender at risk. At Freedom Capital, we will make your life stress-free by providing you recreational land loans with an all-new recreational touch on competitive terms and payments.

Construction Loans

These loans are acquired with a promise to build or construct a building/project in near-future. Freedom Capital understands that construction loans are meant for turning your ideas and making them a reality. We grant instant construction land loans to those who are willing to do business with us with excellent tailor made options.

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We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money

Freedom Capital: Your Stress-Free Journey Starts Right Here

Whether you are planning to purchase raw land, intending to improve your parcel’s geographic landscape, simply looking to purchase a new farm, expand your current operations, refinance your debts or plan to manage your day-to-day operational expenses, then you have come to the right place. At Freedom Capital, we cater to emergency land loans and provide fast and easy access to money that immediately solves your problems pertaining to the acquisition of land loans.

Freedom Capital is where you can expect to begin your debt-free and stress-free journey as our terms of payment are simple and easily comprehensible even to those having little or no awareness about how land financing goes. Our transparent and easy application approval process bears testimony to the fact we offer best land financing deals and land financing packages to our customers seeking to do business with us on flexible terms.

Unlike other private land financing firms, we don’t exploit our customers with hidden fees or costs. Our core focus is centered on an approach to providing ease and comfort to our customers looking to stay out of the financial trouble. We make quick lending arrangements from our extensive network of lenders to fund land financing deals immediately and that’s what makes us unique in each and every possible way.

Freedom Capital is a Canadian based private financing firm that caters to a long list of land financing options that broadly furnishes land loans to areas such as agricultural lands, recreational lands, lot or raw lands, vacant lands and more. Also, we help individuals and businesses acquire loans and grow altogether to be able to pay back loans.

Individuals, builders, developers and investors who are aiming to get fast and easy access to money for purchasing or funding their lands.

We have an extensive network of lenders who are always ready to fund even the most challenging deals. We have no specific range that we cater to, from small to multi-million dollar deals, we fund all your unique financing needs.

Land Financing

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We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money


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