Flexible Financing Options for Land Developers

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Due to certain concerns and risks, many lenders avoid land development loans, with fewer options, finding an ideal financing option for land developers Financing isn’t easy as most commercial deals. 

Before moving forward with any deals, it is important to know more about the best financing options available for you.

Best Financing Options for Land Developers

Usually, your first option for land development financing is your local bank or credit union. While banks are reliable for many financial services, they require extensive documents and excellent credit history for land development financing. 

This is maybe less than ideal for people facing hurdles in their financial situations. 

If you don’t want to contact banks or other financial institutions, you can consider vendor take-back financing. This is a direct arrangement between the seller and the buyer, However, seller financing can complicate future financing options and terms are usually take a while to agree upon and usually short-term.  

Another option is working with other like minded developers and obtaining a Joint Venture. The drawback of joint ventures is that you have to share your profits.  Also the legal process is tedious and can be expensive.

Another option is working with private lenders. Private lenders are usually in tuned with development in the areas that they specialize in and active in the market. They understand the value of a property prior to rezoning applications are made, unlike other traditional lenders. They also understand the rezoning or subdivision process. 

Freedom Capital’s unique land development financing option

At Freedom Capital, we have the reputation to look at the whole financial situation. We are a private alternative Mortgage Brokerage firm where you can obtain a mortgage with simple terms and relatively less paperwork. Our focused, common-sense lending has made Freedom Capital an ideal choice for private/alternative mortgages.

Land and construction financing account for a significant portion of our business. We are aware that the only way to make real money as a land investor is to rezone your property, take it to the third reading, and increase your equity by an average of 20 to 25 per cent.

A lot of our current clients, who own large pieces of land, were either going through a tedious procedure from the city or facing a tower of architectural city fees before they turned to us.

At Freedom Capital, we will give you an equity takeout to refinance your unzoned land and cover the rezone costs. This will help you gain that equity, and get your land to a standard where you can either sell it or get a construction mortgage to make more money.

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