Lack of Funds on your Construction Project

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Are you having problems with completing your construction project?  Are facing challenges due to delays out of your control or can’t obtain financing that fits your needs.  You’ve acquired a piece of land, maybe even finished the rezoning process, and are looking forward to building a great project that can yield potential profits. 

Is the bank providing enough funds to move the project forward? It’s critical to choose the correct lender who can assist you and understand your needs to move this project forward.

Choose Private Funding for Construction Projects

While banks is one option of financing, they can often take more time or require a lot information prior to giving an approval.  Also, banks require a long list of paperwork and a sizable equity injection to move forward with a project.

This can be very hard for a Real estate developer with limited funds. However, even if you can scrape together the required down payment, you won’t have a lot of funds left, which, along with the lengthy application process required by the banks, will leave you in a difficult situation.

In this case, private lending is the best option for you, however, you need to know who you can rely on. At Freedom Capital, we can be your financial lifeline and get you through that construction process with ease.

Freedom Capital’s Solution For You

While the banks imposing impossible stipulations, Freedom capital offers creative solutions, private financing, construction Project loans up to 100%loan to costs, land financing, and foreclosure prevention. We provide fast and easy funding even for the most challenging cases.  

At Freedom Capital, we do not require the same amount of equity injection and the long list of requirements that the banks do.

This might seem skeptical, but the process is very simple. We will give you one of the highest loan-to-cost ratios on your project. Meaning, the amount of equity that you require on your particular project and development is way less than your traditional bank.

Working with Freedom Capital, allows developers to work on multiple projects at the same time. We look at the entire financial picture and assess the projects as a whole.  

We give you flexibility and excellent loan-to-cost ratios so you don’t have to bring in a joint venture and give up half of your profits.  We also can help with working on multiple projects at once. With more flexibility, Freedom Capital can assist in helping you make money. 


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