Investors :

Learn how to place your money in secured real estate mortgage investments and have your money yield excellent double-digit returns with the expertise of a Licensed Mortgage Brokerage, Freedom Capital. You are simply acting as the bank (lender) on these secured, very lucrative investment opportunities.

The best part is that our services are FREE to the investor. There is absolutely NO cost to the investor -simply highly profitable returns!

Mortgage Investments offer secured, fixed, predictable returns. Many of our investors yield great double-digit returns. The rate, additional lender fee and term on the mortgage are all negotiated upfront before the funds are disbursed. Unlike unsecured stocks and mutual fund investments, the secured mortgage investment earnings are predetermined upfront. Mortgages do not have the market volatility that stocks and mutual funds possess. You are simply secured on title by the real estate asset. We further have the borrower sign a full personal guarantee.

Freedom Capital packages the opportunity for the investor diligently. Full upfront disclosure is made.

From presenting low loan to value opportunities to disclosing the borrowers credit status and the borrower’s ability to make payments. Above that, Freedom Capital will retain an approved accredited appraisal company to conduct an independent evaluation of the property. The investor is further secured by choosing and retaining their own legal representation in every single transaction. Furthermore, this expense is paid for by the borrower. We truly believe in a Win-Win situation for everyone in every transaction.

Our investors have discovered the high returns, low risk, and strong cash flow that these mortgage investments provide. Private mortgages are much shorter than traditional mortgages. These mortgages are usually written up for a maximum of a one-year term and require the borrowers to pay interest only.

Advantages of placing mortgage investments via Freedom Capital:

  • We are a Nationally Licensed Brokerage. Ample opportunities available.
  • You pay NO management fees. You yield 100% of the interest earned.
  • You pay NO overhead or admin costs. Again, you earn 100% of the interest earned.
  • Unlike typical Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICS) YOU are on title of the Real Estate Asset.
  • Be fully compliant. Freedom Capital takes care of all the required disclosures and documents required by the official authorities.
  • Best part is that our services are FREE to the investor. We are paid by the borrower. The borrower also pays for you Legal fees.
  • Freedom Capital is a licensed mortgage brokerage dealing in private mortgages. Anyone interested in more information about investing in mortgages can reach us at call Pip Dhaliwal at 604 830 7080


    Do you have bad credit, low income, over-leveraged, or looking for solutions outside the conventional lending box? Are you tired of the bank bureaucracy, politics or games? With the marketplace changing and the bank’s rules becoming more stringent, it is extremely difficult working with the traditional banking solutions and it is not for everyone.

    Whatever the case there is an alternative here for you!