How to Get up to 100% Financing for Commercial Property

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If you’re trying to finance the purchase, growth, or construction of a commercial property, you’ll almost certainly need commercial real estate financing. It can be intimidating to apply for a commercial real estate loan, but with the right lender, you can get 100% financing for commercial Property Loan. 

Most of the time, the bank’s decision determines the fate of the transaction. If you have bad credit or a significant financial event like a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your record, this may make getting a loan more difficult. 

Banks are certainly not the only lenders out there, which is why you need to reach out to many different lenders and do your research before settling on one. The process might be tough, but to get the best possible commercial mortgage loan, you need a good Lender

How to get the right commercial real estate lender

In order to get an opportune lender for your loan, you first need to meet the requirements. Commercial loans are typically scrutinised more closely than residential mortgages. Lenders will weigh a number of factors when reviewing commercial real estate loan applications.

This may include collateral, the creditworthiness of the borrower and certain financial ratios depending on the lender and on the form of financing.

Lenders also thoroughly examine your income, current employment, credit score and history, debt to income ratio, and other such factors before approving a commercial mortgage loan. This is to ensure the borrower can meet the contract’s requirements without facing bankruptcy. 

To ensure your loan application is not rejected, you need to first ensure that your company’s finances are in order. Then begin gathering the necessary documents and intel for the application process. 

Remember to consider the interest rate and the loan’s terms before settling on a lender. 

Completely finance a commercial property with Freedom Capital

We at Freedom Capital can provide you with 100% financing Commercial Property as long as you have equity in your other real estate assets. When it comes to commercial mortgages, Freedom Capital has a vast and impressive record of dealing with more than 200 alternative and institutional lenders. 

Our list of lenders ranges from life insurance companies, credit unions, banks and trust companies, private investors and pension funds. We have the solutions to provide a wide selection of products, from conventional lending to private commercial finances.

Keeping our client’s best interest in mind, we offer them our range of financing option as well as give professional advice. At Freedom Capital, we allow you to profit by leveraging equity, something most lenders do not offer.

We do the deals the banks won’t because we look beyond numbers and can provide you with 100% financing for commercial mortgages. When the banks say no, Freedom Capital has your back. Learn more and apply at  

Apply Now at or Call Us for More Information : +1 866-944-7778

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