Financing for Commercial Development

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Financing for Commercial Development

Finding the right financing for commercial development can be a tricky situation. This is because banks and big lenders tend to lose track of what your development project is really about and care more about the numbers than your end goal.

Too many Canadian developers are forced to settle for high down payments, long approval times and insufficient funding because the big lenders fail to understand their vision and end goal. At Freedom Capital, we aspire to change this injustice with our commercial mortgage for commercial development.

Unlike the banks and other lenders, Freedom Capital is ready to help you build the future you need. We believe that with a little bit of faith and understanding, commercial developers can take their projects to the next level and significantly benefit us as a community.

For Freedom Capital, you aren’t just another number, but a relationship. This is why we take the time to understand your project and work with Canadian commercial developers one on one. This allows us to see the story other lenders refuse to acknowledge and helps us create a financing solution that is perfect for your needs.

We value context beyond numbers and take pride in creating alternative solutions that check all your boxes. Unlike the banks, we aren’t looking to waste your time and energy but support your dream. We do this by providing our commercial developers with 24 hours approval, lower down payments, and minimal paperwork.

Looking to fund multiple projects, acquire unzoned land financing, or find solutions for other such situations generally turned down by banks? Freedom Capital is here to help! We can get you the convenient draw schedule and streamlined process you need!

The only thing holding commercial developers back is the limitations presented to them. We knock down these limitations by providing you with quick solutions with less red tape and more security.

Imagine what you could do with your project if you had a financial partner who listened to your needs and provided you with the creativity and flexibility you need to remain competitive and get the work done. This is what you get with Freedom Capital.

Whether you are looking to fund a build from the ground up, working on unzoned or rezoned land, creating a commercial property to host your future business, building an investment commercial property, or more, Freedom Capital can provide you with the quick and easy financing you need!

Contact us today for a no-obligation call or visit our website to learn more!


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