After all the work of finding a home and applying for a mortgage, being denied a mortgage can be devastating. You can feel crushed and defeated. On top of that, it can feel like your dream home is slipping through your fingers.

Just because you have been denied a mortgage at a bank, though, doesn’t mean your home buying journey is over. A mortgage could still be available to you through an alternative mortgage broker.


How an alternative mortgage broker can help if you get denied a mortgage

The new mortgage rules are about creating standardized financial stress tests that ensure you can not only make your monthly payments but exceed them.

When you work with an alternative mortgage broker like Freedom Capital, we are focused on common sense lending. That means we look at whether or not you can make your monthly payments.

Due to this, many people who get denied a mortgage from the big banks are eligible for a loan with us.

Take a chance on an alternative mortgage broker

It is normal to feel down when you find out you have been denied a mortgage by a bank. But it’s time to shake it off – there are options made to help you.

Look into an alternative mortgage broker like Freedom Capital to make sure this type of loan would be a good fit for you. Then get started on your application – and believe that your dream house is still within your reach!

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to put being denied a mortgage behind you, start your application with an alternative mortgage broker by applying to Freedom Capital today.