Commercial Financing


In the area of commercial mortgages, we at Freedom Capital have a vast and impressive record of dealing with more than 50 alternative and institutional lenders. Our list of lenders ranges from life insurance companies, credit unions, banks and trust companies, private investors and pension funds. We have the solutions to provide a wide selection of products, from conventional lending to private commercial finances.

We are proudly specialized in providing commercial financing services for commercial/apartment/ industrial buildings, motels and hotels, recreational resorts, shopping centers and plazas, storage facilities, condo conversion projects, townhouse financing, inventory loans, land and construction financing.

Freedom Capital is considered among the major alternative secured real estate financing providers in Canada. Due to our prominent position in the market, borrowers prefer to choose us over a conventional bank. Nowadays, a bank takes weeks or even months to get their loan approved. We are proud to say that our approval process takes a matter of days. Our client gets access to their required funds when they need them.

Where do we come in

Here’s how we, Freedom Capital can come to your rescue. As one of the foremost commercial financing solution providers in Canada, we can provide you with the finances you need to start, run and flourish your ventures.

Banks are looked upon as non common-sense lenders. The conventional banks of today have become much more strict and rigid in their loan approval process. Not just that, a conventional bank offers a restrictive type of lending offer as well as a limited amount of finance. You might go to a bank in hopes of applying for a commercial financing loan of $500,000 only to find that the bank will approve $400,000.

At Freedom Capital, we offer multiple options to our clients that most conventional banks don’t.Keeping our client’s best interest in mind, we offer them our range of financing option as well as give professional advice. Our options are not restricted to the borrower that leads to their project being held back. We place our clients and their needs on topmost priority.

Why Choose Us as Your Mortgage Solution Provider

We offer our professional services to our clients and are more than happy to serve them whenever they need us.

Our experienced brokers with their vast knowledge and expertise will make you feel fully satisfied that you are in good hands.

Our topmost priority is to provide personalized and fast financing solutions to our clients. We take pride in the fact that we take on rush deals and process our loans within the given timeframe. There are few mortgage solution providers out there who provide the option of dealing with rush deals.


After you decide to apply for a secured real estate financing by your dependable Commercial financing services provider, the next important step is to determine the options you have to utilize your loan prudently and profitably.

1. Land and Subdivision Financing

The lucrative opportunity of acquiring a piece of land or developing an owned piece of property is possible with the help of your commercial loan. Majority of the conventional banks and credit unions do not offer the option of land financing to their borrowers till this day. It is only in those cases where all the approvals are made and the zoning has been made.

If you go to a traditional lender for land financing, you might find it very difficult to obtain your loan.
Freedom Capital is one such mortgage solution provider that provides the offering of commercial financing for land only deals before the land is rezoned. We are highly specialized and skilled in providing finances for residential subdivision, industrial and commercial land assembly, unzoned and zoned land, and much more.

With our network of professional commercial lenders, we are dedicated towards providing a wide range of attractive and profitable land financing options to our valued clients. We have specifically made the terms of our land only mortgages flexible and reasonable.

2. Construction Financing

Another option to sensibly utilize your commercial loan is using it for your construction financing needs. If you own a property, it is a good and profitable idea to have it developed. With your loan utilized for the construction on your property, the value of your estate can be immensely increased.

Construction financing are short-term loans utilized for financing the construction of a real estate project. Also called a self-build loan, construction financing is normally chosen by home buyers or builders who are planning on building a personalized and custom-built house.

Not only does Freedom Capital provide the finance for land, but also the construction to take place on that piece of land. Your commercial financing loan can be put to good and profitable use. Freedom Capital is proud to say that they have financed quite a number of construction projects.

3. High rise Financing

Here is another lucrative option you have with your commercial loan. Your commercial mortgage can be spent on constructing a high rise flat or building in a populated location. This requires quite a huge amount of finances. Who’s better than your trustworthy mortgage solution provider at Freedom Capital to approve your commercial financing loan.

Ask your dependable and faithful multi-million-dollar commercial loans solution provider to help you determine which is the right option for you. Freedom Capital is all about making the entire loan and its approval process seamless for their clients. Their reputation and status are well known for being one of the biggest and largest mortgage providers in Canada.

If you wish to know more about us and how we will be of service to you, contact one of our professional representatives.


We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money

Benefits of Commercial Financing from Commercial Financing Lenders

You will receive a range of benefits by applying for a commercial mortgage from your one and only reliable multi-million-dollar commercial mortgages service provider. Most of the benefits of commercial mortgages offer future foundations of finance and funding:

1. Access to an effective amount of capital that can be used for growth or investments:

Those who dream of setting up their own establishment can now easily and surely get their hands on a good amount of money. That money can be used to help start a venture or grow an existing one. With your high rise financing, you can put it to good use as an investment.

The loans related to commercial financing are to be paid in the long-term (mostly the timeframe is from 3 to 10 years). This allows the borrowers to pay back the loan slowly and gradually as they work to build up their profits.

Freedom Capital is a renowned mortgage solution provider that gives you the option to have access to the funds you require. Commercial financing loans can help you get access to a handsome amount of money, therefore allowing the borrower to use it wisely and profitably.

2. Pay Off Your Debts

In case if a borrower is deep in debts and is in urgent need of money to pay them off, they can always go to their trustworthy commercial financing lenders. With the finances they receive, they can use it to pay off their due debts.

3. Expand Your Trading

There is so much that can be done profitably with the finances received by your commercial financing services provider and can be used to expand your trade. You can use your finances to enter into another market, or even expand your product offerings. This way, you will bring a wide range of offerings in the market and increase your customers and sales. Eventually, you will be able to pay off the high rise loan you took from your commercial financing solutions provider.

4. Flexibility And A Wide Range Of Offerings

Mortgage solution providers have more solutions as compared to a bank. They provide personalized offerings as per their client’s specific needs and requirements.

Mortgage solution providers such as Freedom Capital offer a wide range of flexibility as well as different types of loan offerings. Freedom Capital is one mortgage solution provider that offers you the option of no-limit financing. Not many mortgage solution providers are out there who give their clients this option.


Majority of the corporations resort to mezzanine financing as their way to gain their required capital to fulfil their goals. Mezzanine financing is opted by companies when they need a certain amount of capital that is way more than the amount that senior lenders will offer.

Mezzanine financing is mainly utilized for commercial real estate since it has both, equity and senior debt features. To a certain extent, mezzanine loans are equal to taking a second mortgage on houses. This type of loan provides asset-backed safety and higher yields to the investors.

If you wish to know more about Mezzanine financing and its benefits, contact one of our professional commercial financing lenders specialists to help you with your mortgage financing needs.


We’re here to help! We deliver fast and reliable access to money

Why choose a commercial mortgages broker for your commercial financing needs?

A professional commercial mortgage broker initiates, discusses, and processes the commercial financing loans on their client’s behalf. If you choose to hire a commercial mortgage broker for your financing needs, you have come to the right place.

Freedom Capital’s Commercial Mortgage Brokers:

1. Are Experts In Their Field:

-They will explain the benefits, as well as the risks that are involved.

-They will go out of their way to facilitate and find the best and advantageous deal for you.

-They will provide personalized services and advice as per their client’s needs.

-They will do all that they can to earn their customer’s satisfaction and approval.

2. Offer you their expert knowledge:

-They will present a broad choice of mortgage loans offered by the variety of different lenders. If the broker has a vast amount of knowledge and a wider network, you are more likely to have a better opportunity to gain the loan products and interest rates according to your needs.

-They will help improve operational certainty by offering the right expertise and know-how required for capacity operation, recognition of mortgage wrongdoings, ways of cutting down on costs and staying up-to-date with the regulatory framework.

3. Have Access To Many Creative And Attractive Offerings

-They have a variety of loan offerings due to their vast network and experience to provide borrower’s choices while keeping in mind their best interests and needs.

-They do their best to offer their clients personalized and creative offerings that is too good to resist.

4. Have Access To Vast Amounts Of Funds

-They will offer the option of no-limit financing to their borrowers. Not many mortgage solution providers in this industry give their clients this amazing option.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Financing For the Last Minute

Most of the borrowers make the game-changing blunder of hiring a mortgage solution provider to meet their financial needs at the very last minute. They will retain the services of an expert real estate agent, a top class lawyer and a renowned accountant, but hire their mortgage solution provider right at the end. When in fact, the first person they should hire for their commercial project is their trusty and reliable financer.

It is often seen that commercial borrowers go to their mortgage solution provider for their finances right at the very last minute. This is a very risky move and often ends up in the borrower’s project to suffer and eventually fail.

Hiring a skilled and professional mortgage solution provider is extremely vital. Not only do they provide you with the finances but also their professional knowledge and expertise. Don’t make the huge mistake of hiring your mortgage solution provider when it is almost too late and put your commercial project at risk.

If you wish to know more about Freedom Capital and how we can help you with your commercial financing needs, contact one of our professional representative.


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Whatever the case there is an alternative here for you!