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Commercial Construction Project Vulnerabilities Part – 2

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Commercial construction projects and businesses deserve better protection than what they receive. 

Today’s construction developers face challenges beyond their control too frequently and are constantly forced to deal with weather delays, fixed cost increases, and other such issues that only backtrack your progress. 

They also lack a sense of safety with their investment due to the risk of a stock market crash that could easily restrict cash flow and increase their costs. These issues are only made worse by large banks and their restrictive terms and inflexible draw schedules. 

This makes your project more vulnerable and can be a fatal risk in the long run. 

What Exactly Are These Risks? 

Numerous risks are present for those who operate in the construction sector every day. There are several risks in construction, besides fire and water damage, such as slips and falls, cyberattacks, and equipment theft. There are additional challenges that one might not anticipate, including having to stop operations during a pandemic.

The hazards vary in magnitude and complexity, and they can change throughout the course of a project whether you’re working in residential, commercial, institutional, or infrastructure construction. 

Many of these risks, hazards, and accidents can be avoided with the help of risk management and appropriate policies and procedures. However, they aren’t going to solve all of your issues. This is why having a financial safety blanket is very important during a construction project. 

Where Does Freedom Capital Come In? 

Freedom Capital sees the potential in your projects and understands the future that you see. Unlike banks, we are here to work with you and stand together to create a solution for any issues you might face. 

At Freedom Capital, we help give your investors peace of mind so that you can focus on your work and drive your project to success. 

We are here to build long-term relations that last for your current and future projects and we do this by consistently remaining as a pillar of support for commercial construction developers from the start to finish. 

Interested in learning more? Request a no-obligation quote today! 


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