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Are you looking for private financing solutions outside the coventional lending box?

If any of these apply to your situation, then you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Capital, our financing experts create custom-tailored solutions for every individual borrower’s needs with quick and easy approvals.

What is Private Financing?

In simplest terms, private financing is all about generating funds from different sources of capital for funding private or business deals or making real-estate investments. A private lender is an individual or a small group of individuals who provide money for making the purchase, renovation or real-estate investments. This indicates that the money provided by private lenders can be used to purchase commercial, residential or rental real estate.

Benefits of Acquiring a Private mortgage from a Private Lender

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No Strict Lending Requirement

If your financial situation reveals dwindling or low credit score, then a private financing company can furnish you a private financing. At Freedom Capital, private financing experts are ready to fund your deals immediately, even if they are of complex nature.

self employed mortgage loan

Quick Access to Funding

In the quest for financial recovery, the only thing that perhaps matters the most is fast and easy access to money. At Freedom Capital, private funding can be secured in a streamlined manner, making it easy for you to fund and streamline your individual and business activities.

self employed mortgage requirement

Quick Approval Procees

Processing a bank mortgage application is generally a time-consuming activity. The processing time of private mortgage is much more seamless and easy. Here at Freedom Capital, we have access to 100’s of private lenders which will give options and reduce stress.

Why Choose Freedom Capital for Private Financing

At Freedom Capital, we positively respond to previously declined mortgage applications from within the conventional lending box. We believe every person deserves a second chance or even more diverse financing options. We have an extensive network of lenders who are always ready to approve mortgages immediately, no matter how complex they may be. Our private financing experts will help you every step of the way to secure an approval for a private financing in as little as 48hours.

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The journey that begins with Freedom Capital, is what anyone under financial pressures can dream to have. Whether you are in need of alternative lending for private financing, blend monthly payment, construction financing, farm land financing, equity takeout, self-employed mortgages or property investment, we have solutions to all your private financing needs. This bold claim of quality yet creative financing bear testimony to the fact that at Freedom Capital we offer you the best private financing solutions and options.

There may be hundreds of private financing individuals and institutions-big or small-operating in Canada, but Freedom Capital beats them all with quick and easy access to money. The best thing about Freedom Capital is, we don’t have lengthy terms of the agreement nor exploit our dear customers, we believe in valuing those seeking money in their hard times and give them the best possible deal for their financial situation on flexible terms of interest payments.
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